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Honor Smartphone Price & Specs: New Phone May See 2017 Debut

Honor smartphone
Wikimedia Commons/Akshay Anand


Honor Smartphone Price & Specs: New Phone May See 2017 Debut

An all new Honor smartphone is likely to debut at CES 2017. The show is an ideal platform for new releases. This has been confirmed by the company through an official tweet.

The new Honor phone is an eagerly awaited device. CES 2017 just got hotter with Honor’s announcements regarding this epic unveiling of the next smartphone. Sources suggest that a dual camera can be expected for the new smartphone.

However, nothing official has been confirmed about the Honor phone yet in terms of specs. T3 reports that Honor is creating massive hype prior to the launch of the smartphone. Customers are also harking back to the company’s good track record till now.

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Why the Honor Smartphone Could Work

Honor has always been equated with improving smartphones that are quite affordable. This is why several customers are eagerly awaiting the company’s next release. Honor USA has already tweeted about the brand new phone to be unveiled at CES 2017.

Honor is a sub-brand owned by Huawei. This automatically ensures gigantic manufacturing access and funding alike. The company has also strived to create smartphones based on customer feedback. This new smartphone could well be something really unique and fulfilling as a result.

The company has also released a teaser photograph. This photograph is suggestive of a dual camera setup for the new Honor smartphone. Nothing else has been revealed till now.

Expected Features Taken From the Honor Magic 

The Honor Magic has just been launched in the Chinese market and comes with a dual curved AMOLED display. There are sensors for detection of the eyes and hands of the user. These enable intelligent activation of the screen.

These features are expected to be introduced for the new Honor smartphone. The very latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS is also expected to be available with the phone. This should be backed up by the EMUI 5.0 UX which ensures higher battery life.

The smartphone is also expected to get enhanced menus and an app drawer. It may also get a recent apps screen and QR scanner. The upcoming launch at CES 2017 has also been confirmed by Phone Arena.

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