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Horizon Zero Dawn Guide To Easily Beating Bellowback

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide


Horizon Zero Dawn Guide To Easily Beating Bellowback

This Horizon Zero Dawn guide will help players defeat Bellowback. It is one of the most difficult challenges gamers can face in the title. However, as with any monster hunting game, these creatures are not without weaknesses.

Horizon Zero Dawn has had good feedback since its February 28 release. The game is a refreshing take on the monster hunter genre, as it offers a slate of mechanical opponents instead of the usual carnivorous monstrosities in games like Monster Hunter. This Horizon Zero Dawn guide will help make sure you reap the gains from Bellowback.

However, like any Horizon Zero Dawn guide, players are warned that they have to prepare for the challenge. Bellowback is no easy monster to defeat, and has considerable obstacles. Gamers new to the title may want to improve their weapons first.

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Defeating Bellowback

Gear Nuke has a handy guide in defeating Bellowback. However, players who want to see a playthrough can look through the video from Game Riot below. Regardless, both walkthroughs use similar approaches in defeating the hulking Bellowback.

First, players have to be aware of the basics. Bellowback is an agile and quick opponent. Its flamethrower attack is equally devastating, making it a hard target with heavy attacks. However, the Bellowback has weaknesses gamers can exploit.

In fact, players can easily disable its flamethrower by attacking its throat. This has to be the primary focus of gamers who want to take it down. Disabling the flamethrower means disabling almost all of Bellowback’s offensive abilities.

Players are warned that the Bellowback runs quickly, so they are sure to suffer if they are caught unaware. This means gamers have to constantly move around the map. This, coupled with the Bellowback’s tremendous health, makes it a tougher opponent than usual bosses.

Tips, Tricks For Hunting

Professional hunters will see the value of Shock traps and Shock grenades in this situation. Timing the blasts will be enough to stall the Bellowback and hit the canisters. It takes two Shock grenades to stun it, and only one trap to stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, players still have to lure the Bellowback into the traps for this to work.

Gosu Noob elaborates on this tactic. Its guide says players can best deal out damage to the Bellowback using fire-based weapons. Gamers who prefer close-range combat can purchase the Critical Hit skill and dish out heavy damage to the stunned Bellowback.

Players also have to take note of the canisters on its back. This will be hard to aim for as the Bellowback is an extremely aggressive creature. Gamers are suggested to get familiar with the layout of the map first before chasing after the Bellowback.

However, aside from the various rewards, players may want to remember this strategy as this is useful in potential fights. A lot of monster hunting games rely on speed and quick thinking. If gamers can take down the Bellowback, then other creatures may be easier for them to defeat in the future.

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