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Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date To Feature Photo Mode – How It Works

Horizon Zero Dawn
Image source: @Guerrilla Twitter account


Horizon Zero Dawn Release Date To Feature Photo Mode – How It Works

Horizon Zero Dawn is an upcoming action role-playing video game (RPG). It was developed by Guerrilla Games. Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish the game in a PS4 exclusive platform. The company will release it in North America on February 28 and worldwide on March 1. A recent update on the upcoming game is that it will be featuring a photo mode.

Brief Storyline

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a world recovering from near extinction as told by Polygon. It is about the story of Aloy, a young woman, and her relationship with her surrogate father. It is also about her will and drive to show that she can be brave and can handle the uncovering of mysteries on her own. It also talks about the indigenous tribe that Aloy stays with in the aim for survival in a world full of mechanical monsters.

Photo Mode and How It Works

Guerrilla Games has officially confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn will have a photo mode. This function will be specifically used for capturing in-game pictures. The developing company confirmed this news via their Twitter account.

Guerrilla Games has not provided any additional information on how the Horizon Zero Dawn photo mode would be. However, according to Game Rant, if the features found within the game would be similar to another PS4 exclusive game, then this function may also be similar to the photo mode function of that other PS4 game. Thus, players can adjust certain features upon usage of the photo mode. They may opt to adjust the depth of field, the lighting and even add filters for a more aesthetic look. A lot of games are getting into this trend. For instance, Final Fantasy 15 will also have this in-game photo mode soon enough.

Horizon Zero DawnPia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Aloy riding a mechanical robot as tweeted by Guerrilla Games.
Image source: @Guerrilla Twitter account

Other Updates

Fans of Guerrilla Games will also be glad with the fact that the game will not be having microtransactions at its launch. This means that players will not need to pay an extra amount of money to speed up the unlocking and access to content. This is positive news despite the game having a lot of RPG elements.

Fans are sure to be excited by this feature that will soon be experienced by them when the game arrives in the market. Interested players and buyers may choose to know more about the game in the gameplay videos made by Guerrilla Games. Exciting!

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