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Horizon Zero Dawn Release Has Game Crashing In Opening Sequence

Horizon Zero Dawn
Photo screen grabbed from PlayStation YouTube Channel.


Horizon Zero Dawn Release Has Game Crashing In Opening Sequence

Days after the release of Horizon Zero Dawn, some players are already encountering crashes during its opening cinematic. Developer Guerrilla Games has already released a statement regarding the crashing issue.

Developers have already shown awareness regarding the problem and they have started investigating the issue. As players wait for a fix, a temporary fix was given to those playing the game from Blue-ray disc.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Temporary Fix

Guerrilla Games admits that the temporary fix might not work for all the users. According to GameSpot, the instructions given by developers include:

  1. If the game has crashed during the opening cinematic or any part of the game, restart the PlayStation 4.
  2. After restarting the PlayStation 4, leave the game disc in the console for two hours while it is powered on and idle.
  3. After two hours have passed, start the game again.

If players have skipped the opening cinematic because of the crash, they can still watch it through the main menu. By selecting, Extras then Intro Movie, they can view the skipped scenes.

Guerrilla Games has already sent a public apology for the inconveniences that players have encountered because of the crash. Developers have yet to figure out the cause of the crash but GameFAQs reports that it mostly happens during the opening.

If the opening cinematic also crashes if viewed from the Extras, players can just watch it online. It features the building up of the story for the post-apocalyptic game.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

The game features Aloy, a hunter, and archer who lives in a world overran by machines. She has discovered the dangers of the outside world after being cloistered her entire life.

Players take on her role and use her ranged, melee, and stealth skills in order to take out the robotic creatures that dwell the planet. After taking out the enemies, she can then scavenge supplies from their lifeless metal bodies.

Players have to level up certain skills, abilities, and perks in the game’s Skill Tree based on their preferred play style. Developers did not include a class system in the game so players can do a mixture of skills.

The Skill Tree consists of three sections that each has different skills, abilities, and perks for them. The sections include Prowler, Brave, and Forager.

Prowler includes stealth skills, Brave improves combat abilities, and Forager increases healing and gathering capabilities. Depending on the circumstances, every skill would be useful in this open-world game.

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