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Horizon Zero Dawn Release: Preload Is Live, File Size & More Launch Details

Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn Release: Preload Is Live, File Size & More Launch Details

The clock is ticking for fans of Horizon Zero Dawn. Fans of the game can preload their copies before the title is officially released. This gives gamers all over the world ample time to dutifully prepare for the new PlayStation 4 exclusive. However, players may want to ask: what can we expect during the game’s launch?

Horizon Zero Dawn marks the arrival of another ambitious game for PlayStation 4. However, if critics are correct, then the title has its merits. The new entry boasts a huge open world littered with robotic creatures, all free to be hunted. The players can find a variety of weapons, items, and gears to aid them in their mission.

The game stars Aloy, a “machine hunter” for her tribe. She is swift, agile and determined to help her tribe in this twisted robot-littered post-apocalyptic world. The premise itself is enough to make fans want to play Horizon Zero Dawn to fully dissect its story.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Preloading is a Go

However, fans may not need to wait any longer as the game is free to be preloaded via the PlayStation Store. This means the PlayStation 4 exclusive is nearing arrival to the consoles of Sony fans. Of course, players who want digital copies may want to consult with their local retailers on how to get a copy.

This news is courtesy of PlayStation Universe, which reported that gamers who pre-ordered the game can play it earlier than others. Fans will be able to see that that the game can be preloaded digitally via the PlayStation Store, which gives them a head start on downloading the game. As for new features and downloadable content (DLC) packs, none have been revealed to come with the game.

Fans may also want to conserve a bit of hard drive space for the game. Horizon will occupy a hefty 39.485GB of their PlayStation 4 space. Of course, this is not as large as upcoming games such as Mass Effect Andromeda that need as much as 55GB of space, but it is better to have extra space just in case.

Launch Details, Release

Players who also pre-ordered the game’s digital copy via the PlayStation 4 will receive some goodies. This includes a dynamic theme about the game. Their characters will also get the Nora Machine-Tripper Pack that has a ton of weapon modifications and item resources.

Perhaps more interesting are rumors towards the game’s potential as a franchise. According to GameSpot, statistics show that the game can actually sell as much as 6 million copies by the year end. This brings it very close to Uncharted 4, which is a notable achievement for a brand new game.

Of course, at this point, only Sony can confirm whatever happens in the future of the title. The game will be available in the United States this Feb. 28, and in Europe on March 1.

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