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Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies: Guide To Getting Them All

Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies


Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies: Guide To Getting Them All

Horizon Zero Dawn has garnered critical acclaim because of its unique story and gameplay. However, it appears gamers have more to collect than just its various rare items. This guide will help players get all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies.

Players, especially completionists, consider trophies as milestones in any game. This is because in-game achievements are a testament to conquering a title’s challenges. Horizon Zero Dawn trophies are an example of these.

However, fans may realize that Horizon Zero Dawn trophies are not extremely difficult to retrieve. In fact, unlike other games, gamers may see that Horizon Zero Dawn follows a linear progression with its achievements. Players can accomplish multiple goals just by following this guide.

Horizon Zero Dawn Trophies in the Main Game

The tips came courtesy of user “rmchiva925” in PlayStation Trophies. His guide elaborates that it may take 45 to 60 hours to retrieve all trophies in Horizon. This is quite a short span of time to “complete” a game’s achievements.

There is a total of 56 trophies, all of which are online. Players ought to remember that once they finish the final mission, they are sent back to the instance right before it. This allows them to “continue” playing the title as if it was a New Game Plus mode.

“rmchiva925” emphasizes that gamers have to finish the final mission first before getting the other achievements. There are also no difficulty-based trophies. This allows players to accomplish all goals while playing under Easy mode.

The first step to fulfilling the list of rewards is to complete all the main missions. Players should not play the final quest, called Looming Shadow. Fans can watch this series of playthroughs to finish the main story. Gamers up to this point will be able to get these Main Game trophies:

  • Followed Rost Teachings
  • Defeated the Sawtooth
  • Triumphed in the Proving
  • Fought back the Corruption
  • Learned of the Ancient past
  • Crashed the Eclipse network
  • Discovered the Truth
  • Broke the Siege of All-Mother
  • Recovered a Powerful weapon
  • Victorious with the War-Chief
  • Saved Meridian from its foe

Finishing Side Missions

Meanwhile, the next step is to collect all Power Cells in the main game. There are currently five of them inside the in-game world. This unlocks the Shield-Weaver outfit, which has a lot of benefits. This gives players the Got the Shield Weaver Outfit trophy, and negates all damages.

Players have to be careful, though. The armor only protects gamers while it flashes blue. Characters are susceptible to damage by the time Shield-Weaver glows red. However, they can hide and wait for it to “recharge” and get its blue glow. This armor is essential in retrieving the other trophies.

The Extra Trophies involve completing all miscellaneous content. This involves completing all errands outside the Main Game. Players have to override all Tallnecks and beat all cauldrons as specified in side missions. Gamers are also advised to clear all corruption zones and bandit camps.

Lastly, characters should also collect all metal flowers, figures, ancient vessels, vantage datapoints and destroy all 23 training grazer dummies. This unlocks a lot of trophies, all related to the collection.

These are all the trophies collected when defeating or collecting the first instance of these items, monsters, and areas:

  • Tallneck Overridden
  • Bandit Camp Cleared
  • Core Overridden
  • Vantage found
  • Metal Flower found
  • Banuk Figure found
  • Ancient Vessel found
  • Corrupted Zone cleared

These are all the trophies unlocked by defeating or finding all instances of these items, monsters, and zones:

  • Tallnecks Overridden
  • Cleared all the Bandit Camps
  • Cores Overridden
  • Suns at all Grounds
  • Blazing Suns at all Grounds
  • Corrupted Zones cleared
  • Vantages found
  • Metal Flowers found
  • Banuk Figures found
  • Ancient Vessels found
  • Allies Joined

Completing the Final Requirements

Meanwhile, completing the above achievements instantly unlocks these trophies:

  • First Modification
  • All Suns at one Ground
  • Blazing Suns at one Ground
  • Downed 23 Grazer Dummies
  • Reached Level 10, 25, 40 and 50 (four separate trophies)
  • Aided the defectors
  • Hunted Redmaw with Talanah

According to Powerpyx, players at this point should go finish the final mission. This completes the main game and unlocks the trophy: Ended the war machine threat. However, this does not fill up the overall list of achievements. Here are the last bits of trophies that can be collected while mopping up, and involves a bit of exploration.

Gamers should find the special machine types all over the game world. This is tricky as they appear in random instances. However, players can get a trophy by killing all instances of the following creatures:

  • Acquisition Machines
  • Recon Machines
  • Combat Machines
  • Transport Machines

Unfortunately, the next bit demands feats of finesse from players. These are actually very straightforward and can be accomplished while playing the game normally. Gamers have to do special tricks in order to earn these trophies:

  • 10 Vulnerable machine kills
  • 3 Strikes From Above
  • Headshot 30 human enemies
  • Stealth killed 10 machines
  • Tore off 10 components
  • Tore off 5 heavy weapons
  • 7 types of machines overridden

Last Batch of Trophies

The final step may more or less come automatically if gamers did not miss the achievements above. These are the final trophies that can be earned by fulfilling the other requirements above:

  • All Skills learned
  • [All] Machines catalogued
  • [All] Trophies obtained

The rather linear aspect of trophy-collection can surprise Horizon players. However, this gives them an opportunity to assess the right “path” to play the game seamlessly. This means the open-world nature of the game can be traversed in a special manner to accomplish these requirements.

Interestingly, these achievements do allow gamers to explore the immense world of Horizon Zero Dawn. However, this removes the worry of some players that they may miss anything from the in-game world. Players can take a shot at completing these achievements by playing the game on the PlayStation 4.

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