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How To Get A MacBook Touchscreen With Neonode’s AirBar

MacBook Touchscreen
Image source: Screen grab from AirBar website


How To Get A MacBook Touchscreen With Neonode’s AirBar

If you are looking for an Apple MacBook that has a touchscreen just like the other fancy hybrid laptops running on Windows, you will not find one, and maybe, you never will. But thanks to Neonode, they have created a device called the AirBar. This may be used to transform your laptop into a MacBook touchscreen.

Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs has already announced that Apple would never want to create a MacBook touchscreen laptop. He said that it is not ergonomically ideal. But, it seems that other tech companies like Neonode have defied this particular design.

What is the AirBar?

Neonode announced the AirBar at the end of 2015. The product was just debuted this Tuesday at the CES 2017. It is a 13.3-inch touch peripheral which comes with a is its 9-inch USB cord which brings touchscreen capabilities to the 13-inch MacBook Air.

The AirBar works best with a correctly and equally sized display on the laptop, meaning that the AirBar should have the same size as your MacBook’s monitor or screen. Thus, it is best to match an AirBar 13.3-inch model with a 13-inch MacBook Air and nothing else.

The Neonode AirBar also works on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems and Chromebooks and is available in other sizes.

MacBook Touchscreen

Image source: Screen grab from AirBar website at

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How Does It Work?

The 13.3-inch AirBar peripheral slender sensor wand should be plugged into the 13-inch MacBook Air’s USB port. A pair of small magnets in the AirBar is the reason why it can attach to the MacBook’s screen’s bezel.

There is no need to download drivers to get your MacBook touchscreen working. The AirBar works by bouncing infrared light upward off your fingers as your fingers touch the surface of the laptop screen. But still, a real touchscreen laptop screen has more precision and multi-touch flexibility.

Neonode will further create and launch an AirBar which will match more MacBook models and more PC sizes within the first 6 months of 2017.

The MacBook AirBar is available for preorder on their website. Neonode will be shipping the AirBar products in March along with the new MacBook Air edition. The company said that it will also be ultimately sold on Amazon for $99 which is $30 lesser than the Windows version.

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