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How To Get Better At For Honor? 5 Tips You Should Know

How to Get Better At For Honor
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How To Get Better At For Honor? 5 Tips You Should Know

For Honor features a unique gameplay that involves a complex combat between players that is the closest to a third-person fighting game. One of the main questions regarding this is how to get better at For Honor since it has hard to master.

1. Learn the Basics

To answer the question how to get better at For Honor, players must first learn the basics of the game. Most players will jump instantly inside the game without knowing how to play it.

Developers, in this case, have provided for a tutorial section of the game. The “How to Play” option found at the main menu provides a less basic tutorial for players. Find that and the game will teach players the systems they have to understand in the game.

2. Practice Against Artificial Intelligence (AI)

To know how to get better at For Honor, players must try out the knowledge they have learned in the tutorial against someone. Instantly going into combat against a professional will not yield good results.

Instead of going to the multiplayer mode, go first with single-player and skirmish modes against AIs. This will ensure that players can adjust the difficulty whenever they cannot practice their moves anymore.

Since they are just AIs, players can try out all the basics of blocking, fainting, parrying, and grabbing. Mastering the moves of AIs until getting bored of it will make sure that every aspect of the game will be tackled.

3. Focus on One Character & Main Him

Currently, For Honor has 12 playable characters with different play styles. In order for players to successfully and quickly get good at the game, they have to focus on one first, especially that the game does not feature a banning system when picking a class.

According to GamesRadar, the best way to do is finding out the weaknesses and strengths of each character. Read through their entire move set page and from there, select one character that is preferred over the rest. Make sure to pick the one that will reflect the fighting style of the player.

4. Know that Gear Does Not Work In Every Multiplayer Mode

Do not rely mostly on gears when fighting since not all of them will have any effect when it comes to multiplayer. According to PCGames, gear does not work on 1v1 and 2v2 so make sure that players are experienced before heading into those types of games.

5. Relax

Do not button mash in For Honor since it requires tactical decision making, planning, and picking. Instead of treating the game like previous Tekken games, make a decision before executing a combo or when defending.

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