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How To Get Early Access To The Disgaea 2 PC Demo

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How To Get Early Access To The Disgaea 2 PC Demo

Disgaea 2 PC is currently in development. NIS America collaborated with Alienware to make the project come to fruition. Take a look at the news awaiting the game’s release on PC.

Disgaea 2 PC Version

Fans who can’t wait until the official release of the game can sign up now via Alienware Arena. Furthermore, the company released 7,400 demo keys dedicated to the players who registered their names beforehand. To sign up, just login using a Steam or Facebook account.

Steam portal will be releasing the keys. In addition, the keys let the fans play the trial instantly. Meanwhile, the version will have an updated user interface (UI) keyboard and mouse support. In addition, Gig, Dark Eclair, and Miabel will be added to the game as playable characters.


The game revolves around the quest to overpower an overlord named Zenom. The lord cursed the entire population, turning the inhabitants to demons. However, one member of the community was not affected by the curse. Adell gathers all his might to defeat evil forces, and conquer the overlord, Zenom.

Disgaea 2 takes its audience to 13 chapters of Adell’s adventure. Furthermore, every chapter begins explaining the mission. Gamers control the protagonist as he explores his hometown.

Meanwhile, Holt is a town filled with side quests, story maps, the dark council, and an item world. A new area is unlocked at the beginning of each chapter. Moreover, gamers control a group characters during battle at the map. Furthermore, these items can be placed in the inventory once it is acquired.

The toughness of an enemy varies depending on its rarity and power. In addition, certain enemies can be freed by winning against them in battle. These special enemies can transfer certain abilities such as increased defense or attack.

The game received an award from IGN back in 2006 as IGN’s Best of 2006. Furthermore, Disgaea 2 also received critical acclaim as the year’s Best PS2 Strategy game. Meanwhile, Disgaea 2 received favorable reviews in its release.

The Disgaea 2 PC version will be available on January 30, 2017. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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