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How To Protect Gaming Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication

How to protect gaming accounts
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How To Protect Gaming Accounts With Two-Factor Authentication

How to protect gaming accounts? Two Factor Authentication has often been represented as a viable solution for gamers. Does this really work?

Learning how to protect gaming accounts is vital. This is because cloud based services continue to be vital for most of our needs. Most people store tons of information online mostly for convenience based needs.

Cyber security is very important and you should know how to protect gaming accounts likewise. Polygon reports that two-factor authentication should be enabled on online accounts. This includes gaming accounts which are commonly targeted for hacking/phishing scams.

Most gaming services allow this extra security layer in recent times. These include, from Blizzard Entertainment and Origin from Electronic Arts. These also include Uplay from Ubisoft, Sony PlayStation, Humble Bundle and Xbox Live.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a two-step verification procedure. This procedure requires all users to enter two varying aspects while logging in. These include existing login details backed up by added details according to TakeItGame.

This secondary information may include codes generated through authenticator apps. These codes may even be received through text messages. The second factor may also be fingerprint identification if required.

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Once you are signed in with the username and password, a second step is required for login completion. This is two-factor authentication and offers greater security. Any hacker will then require your phone to access your account.

How Authenticators Work

Authenticators always generate required codes for finishing the login procedure. You can make use of Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. You can also use Authy for both Android and iOS like the other two.

Upon installation of the Authenticator application, it has to be separately integrated with every online service. This is done through scanning the QR codes with the device or keying in a secret code.

The app will keep generating random codes every 30 seconds post setup. These will have to be typed in while logging into your online accounts.

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