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HTC Vive Guide: How to Make Device Wireless

HTC Vive Guide
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HTC Vive Guide: How to Make Device Wireless

Ever found yourself a bit hassled with all the wires in your Vive? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. This HTC Vive Guide will make it wireless!

Fans will recognize the Vive as one of the most premiere VR devices available. Minus the PlayStation 4 and the Oculus Rift, any HTC Vive guide will tell you that the main device itself has a lot to offer.

However, given the current constraints in the technology, a lot of consoles now are connected via wires. What if you had the option to discard them?

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HTC Vive: Future of VR?

According to Game Rant, HTC gave fans a lot of new accessories for their VR (virtual reality) headset during its press conference in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of them just include an audio enhancer and a new tracking system.

The new audio band will now enhance sound quality. The tracker can also be attached to peripherals such as baseball mitts and bats. This will allow them to be easily trackable in VR.

This is after the company closed rumors that they will be announcing the successor to its console. Apparently, the Vive 2 is not a thing – at least not yet. Still, the accessories so far are more than enough to provide enough firepower versus its competition, both the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR. This can also help the company regain some lost market share.

However, it’s the wireless upgrade that is a blessing for VR gamers. This Vive guide will explain just exactly why they appeared in the first place.

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HTC Vive Guide: Wireless Bonanza

Wires in themselves are cumbersome. They are heavy and they tend to tangle themselves up. As explained by Unlocked, TPCAST, one of the companies in HTC’s list, designed the aforementioned blessing. This will allow players to explore the breadth of the VR world without tripping on wires.

Of course, this means the upgrade will make the device battery powered. They still provide players two hours of good playtime. Players are still not notified if there are more powerful options, however pre-orders may be available during the first quarter of the year.

Sadly, the upgrades may set buyers back a whopping $249. This is considering installing the Vive on average already has a big price point of $800.

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