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iMac 2017 Release Date & Specs: USB-C Ports, AMD Graphics & More

iMac 2017
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iMac 2017 Release Date & Specs: USB-C Ports, AMD Graphics & More

Apple just recently released significant info that it is currently updating its iMac lineup for the greatest iMac 2017 release date. Read further to know about the specs, USB-C Ports, AMD [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.] Graphics and more.

Verified Information So Far:

Ming-Chi Kuo, the head KGI securities analyst, stated that new and updated iMac items will be released in the first 6 months of 2017. Such statement deems a very high potential for total Apple iMac lineup update.

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iMac 2017 Rumors All Line-Up:

Rumors from unverified sources claim that the Apple designers are now on-lab over including standalone keyboards through a Touch ID in the iMac’s desktop configuration. Now, the claimed reconfiguration of the generic iMac unit listed in USB-C port feature, the AMD Graphics, Kaby Lake i7-7700 processor and many more.

With respect to the Kaby Lake i7 processor, anyone can already image an unbelievably speed enhancement among many items in the iMac lineup. All these fire-ups in the Apple’s iMac section were all ignited by the fact the iMac models have not undergone update in the close 434 days.

Furthermore, such a fact implied that there is a bigger update a-brewing. Consequently, Ming-Chi Kuo and a group of Apple designers only confirmed speculations. A bigger iMAc update is coming in 2017.

The USB Port

The rumored USB- Port update in the iMac 2017 model entails countless conveniences. A few of the conveniences it offers is fast and portable charging.

The AMD Graphics

iMac’s inclusion of the AMD Radeon Polaris graphics in its system only means one thing- optimum screen resolution. Hopefully, such a feature, if successfully installed, will give make way to the much-regarded VR-ready output.


Now, that stands too much for an iMac model. Certainly, Apple fans can only hope for the better. If not all, at least a few of those suspected upgrades will definitely show up in Apple’s iMAc 2017 lineup.

Ready or not, here come the upgrades.

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