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Injustice 2 Characters: How Swamp Thing & Poison Ivy Differ

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Injustice 2 Characters: How Swamp Thing & Poison Ivy Differ

Injustice 2 is creating huge excitement amongst fans who are eagerly waiting for confirmations on playable characters. There is no official confirmation issued yet but Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy are both expected to be present in the game. Earlier, it was reported that both characters couldn’t be included due to their similar powers.

NetherRealm is presently using Premium Costumes for specific characters. John Stewart, Power Girl and Reverse-Flash are coming as enhanced skins for Hal Jordan, Supergirl and The Flash respectively. Some feel that a similar approach could be done for Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy in Injustice 2. Though this may seem like a far-fetched possibility, there should still be some differentiation between the characters in Injustice 2.

More on Poison Ivy & Swamp Thing’s Differences 

Event Hubs reports that Poison Ivy is one of the biggest enemies of Batman and can control plant life in several ways. However, in older avatars, she only possessed immunity towards several poisons. This made her capable of placing such defenses on several weapons or even on her lips to combat her enemies.

Swamp Thing has an almost supernatural appearance and possesses huge power levels in the DC Comics series. If included, he may be able to perform feats that are more awe-inspiring and thrilling. This may indicate the return of Poison Ivy to a more basic version of herself in the game. However, both characters may simply get power usage in varying ways.

This method has already been tried and tested with Zod, Superman and Supergirl. All three characters have similar powers but possess unique moves amongst each other. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see how Swamp Thing differs from Poison Ivy, though the former’s appearance has not been officially confirmed yet.

In spite of the lack of any official confirmation, there is a strong belief that both characters are going to be present in the game. This is why fans are speculating on different moves and powers for Poison Ivy and Swamp Thing.

Which are the Confirmed Characters in the Game?

IGN reports that confirmed characters so far in the game include Batman, Aquaman, Bane, Black Canary, Brainiac, Blue Beetle and Atrocitus. Other confirmed characters include Darkseid, Green Lantern, The Flash, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd and Harley Quinn.

The game is also going to have Robin, Superman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy, of course, is already confirmed for the game. Fans are now wishing for the inclusion of Swamp Thing into the game, something which could be a reality soon.

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