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Injustice 2 Characters: What To Expect On March 2 Reveal

Injustice 2 Characters

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Injustice 2 Characters: What To Expect On March 2 Reveal

Injustice 2 characters will be getting another member in their expanding roster. Unfortunately, NetherRealm Studios is as usual mum about his or her identity. This adds yet another layer of mystery about the title’s ever-expanding lore.

Fans of Injustice 2 are well aware of the game’s story. The sequel follows Superman and Batman’s separate ways, with each of them gathering more allies to their respective causes. Superman wants his “Regime” to return and assume dominance over Earth’s peace. Meanwhile Batman is growing desperate to stop his old friend. The new set of Injustice 2 characters may very well turn the tide in the coming battle.

Interestingly, gamers and DC Comics lore enthusiasts may be waiting just who these new Injustice 2 characters are. After all, given the dark tone of the story, their addition to the roster will not be just some mere coincidence. This may be the reason why fans have been so ardently waiting to analyze the game’s new arrivals.

Injustice 2 Characters: Is It A Hero?

It can be remembered that Cyborg has been the latest character to be introduced. His arrival completes the placement of all heroes and villains in the trailers into the roster. Sadly, this also means the appearances of the speculated new entrants can only be confirmed if they are revealed in their respective trailers.

As usual, fans can only get a sure answer by the time he or she is revealed on March 2. This is only a few days from now, which means the wait will be over soon. As per WWG, the usual polygonal template can be seen in the game’s website, hinting towards the new character’s arrival.

Game Rant reveals that these predictions are not at all very accurate. Some of them may make it to the roster, while others may remain as characters players will want to have in the game. However, given that there are at least 40 characters in the title, there is plenty more left to be filled.

Fans point towards ten potential characters that can arrive in the much-awaited sequel. Much of them are powerhouses in their own right, fitting for the gritty battles the game is teasing. Five of them appear to be heroes, and five of them appear to be villains.

Injustice 2 CharactersRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A polygonal template teaser from the Injustice 2 website.

Heroes Arrive, Villains Ascend?

However, before proceeding, fans should remember that these are all rumors. These characters remain to be the most-anticipated arrivals in the game’s roster. This means the reveal on March 2 may also not be from this list.

Jokerthe Clown Prince of Crime, remains to be Batman’s greatest adversary. His dark sense of humor and unpredictability contrasts the Dark Knight’s sense of order. Joining him are Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze, also classic members of the Bat Family’s Rogues Gallery. Interestingly, this expands the number of Batman villains in the game if ever they arrive. This may entail a bigger involvement of Gotham’s nastiest baddies behind the scenes.

The Flash will meet adversaries such as Captain Cold and Zoom as well, should the rumors be true. Captain Cold is The Flash’s Mr. Freeze, as he has powerful ice-related abilities. Zoom, meanwhile, is an evil speedster that is just as fast as The Flash.

It may be time for Green Arrow to make an appearance as well. After all, he is one of the most celebrated characters of the Justice League. His humor and his skill with the bow can be a sight to see in the game. Firestorm can also contrast the arrival of Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze with his fire-related abilities.

Doctor Fate and Black Adam may confirm the arrival of cosmic powerhouses in the game. This is fitting as Darkseid, yet another universally-powerful entity, will be in the game as well. Doctor Fate is a powerful magician, leagues superior to Zatanna. Meanwhile, Black Adam is an alternative anti-hero version of Captain Marvel, rivaling Superman in strength and speed.

Perhaps the most interesting speculation involves Power Girl, which is another Supergirl monicker. Given that Supergirl is already in the game as Superman’s cousin, the arrival of Power Girl opens a lot of questions to fans. Does this confirm the existence of a parallel universe?

Either way, fans will only have to wait a few months longer to play the game on May 16. It will be available for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. There is also a mobile version in the works, but no release date has been revealed.

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