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Injustice 2 Gameplay: How Gear System REALLY Works

Injustice 2
Photo screen grabbed from PlayStation Access YouTube Channel.

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Injustice 2 Gameplay: How Gear System REALLY Works

Injustice 2 will come out on May 16, 2017, and most of its features and playable characters have already been revealed. However, some fans still do not know how the Gear System, one of its features, really works. Developer NetherRealm Studios has explained how the said feature would work in the game.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the Gear System would offer players an equal playing field. NetherRealm Studios had developed the game in a way that players cannot buy the gear with real money. Hence, they would require every player to keep grinding in order to obtain the said item.

Designer John Edwards told GameSpot that players can also disable the stat boosts given by the gear both online and offline. If only one player, in an online match, decides to turn off his gears, it would boost his stats to match the one with the gears.

Edwards further explained that the gears by lower level players would not receive a boost. The one with a higher level and a better gear would still have a slight advantage. However, it would not reach the point that the lower level character would never stand a chance.

Normally, the stats of each playable character in the game increase as they level up. The sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us would introduce another way of making them stronger. This includes the Gear System where players can equip items that would boost their stats other than gaining levels.

Injustice 2: Base Stats

Every playable character, hero, and villain has four base stats which include strength, defense, health, and ability. Strength refers to the damage dealt when landing normal attacks; defense, the ability to withstand hits; health, on how long they can take hits; and ability, the damage of special attacks.

Aside from the four base stats, each character would start with five pieces of certain stock gears attached to their head, torso, legs, arms, and a specific item. Some of these serve only as a cosmetic item for the characters which would change their appearance every time a different one is placed.

Injustice 2: Gears

However, as players progress through the game, these gears would provide the characters with unique attributes, depending on the description given. Some will buff only one of the four base stats that the characters posses.

Meanwhile, in rare occasions, players can obtain top quality gear that would boost all four stats at once. Furthermore, collecting all the gears from a single gear set would provide another bonus depending on the character.

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