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Injustice 2 Reveals Dr. Fate, New Gear System – Everything You Need To Know

Injustice 2

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Injustice 2 Reveals Dr. Fate, New Gear System – Everything You Need To Know

The mystic sentinel Dr. Fate graces the world of Injustice 2 with his presence. However, the game’s new features indicate that the heroes are ready. NetherRealm studios revealed the master magician along with a slate of new content for the title.

Injustice 2 is the sequel to the popular Injustice fighting game from NetherRealm studios and DC Entertainment. The title takes a darker turn for DC Comics fans, as the universe’s heroes and villains take sides in a quest for domination. After Lois Lane has been killed by the Joker, Superman is on a warpath for justice. If the world cannot be at peace, then humanity will be under his reign.

Batman and his team defeated Superman in the first game. However, with the arrival of new characters such as Supergirl, Brainiac, and Darkseid in Injustice 2, things get a bit awry. Now that Dr. Fate is in the picture, then the chess game between Batman and Superman has become more confusing than ever.

Injustice 2: Enter Doctor Fate

Dr. Fate is a legacy character introduced in 1940 in the DC Universe. Several characters obtained his powers through his mask. While each alter ego had different objectives, one fact remains the same – he is one of the most powerful forces in the DC Universe.

This is easily shown in his character reveal, courtesy of the Injustice YouTube account. Dr. Fate is a constantly flying adversary, looking down on his foes with a particular menace. His attacks utilize a range of magical blasts and summons incorporeal weaponry. This means he can zoom past opponents and hit them with his fists, or have something do it for him.

It is interesting to take note that despite being a hero in the comics, Dr. Fate is generally neutral in matters concerning the universe. He is only concerned with maintaining the balance of all things. His alter ego is in constant conflict with the motives of the Helm of Fate, which can add an interesting perspective to his character.

However, his very indecisive nature can change the fate of the game’s story. After all, players have to see if Dr. Fate will side with Superman’s cause or against it. Because the way Dr. Fate sees it, his choice will be the “best one” for the universe.

New Gear System, Features

However, Dr. Fate also arrives with the much-awaited gear system. The game allows players to equip characters with different sets of armors. Players can obtain head, torso, arm and leg pieces exclusive to their champions. This allows them to customize the look of their favorite heroes and villains with a wide variety of appearances and stats.

According to Polygon, players can also “augment” their equipment. These can pave way for new visuals or animations, something hardcore fans can enjoy. Interestingly, accessories not only add or replace special equipment, they also change the playstyle of characters. For instance, Batman and Swamp Thing can swap their utility belt and club, respectively, for new equipment.

Interestingly, NetherRealm also confirmed the existence of gear sets. These are items that, when paired with each other, grant different effects. For instance, equipping Batman with the Kryptonite Infused Armor gives his Bat Swarm extended range.

Customization junkies will also be delighted to hear about “shaders.” These are collectible items that can change the color palette of heroes. This can alter major or minor themes of costumes, add effects, and even modify skin tone.

Interestingly, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, players cannot buy gear with microtransactions. This means players have to earn every armor piece or equipment they want in the game. This is either by grinding the title’s different play modes or by defeating opponents.

Balancing Issues?

Perhaps the last piece of intriguing information that came from NetherRealm were “abilities.” These are also collectibles and unique to every character. Polygon noted that they unlocked a special takedown move for Batman. This replaces a knockback move and allowed them to grapple opponents instead.

NetherRealm explained this changes the dynamics of multiplayer gameplay. After all, this means there is virtually no idea to know how strong opponents are until players see it for themselves. Lead designer John Edwards explained the system took them time to make, but this is worth it.

The team also commended DC Comics for allowing them to tinker with the designs of the characters. When it comes to games with a lot of intellectual property, it is evident that copyright may be an issue. Some were worried for instance that Marvel characters may take a while to be added to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. It is a breath of fresh air to know that DC Comics has allowed NetherRealm this degree of expansion.

However, the NetherRealm team also said balancing all these features will be the next big problem for them. After all, the new numbers-oriented gameplay adds a new depth to the fighting game. This will challenge newcomers for sure, but hardcore fans will have new ways to tinker with the game.

The game arrives on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16, 2017. There will be a mobile version coming soon, but it’s yet to have a release date.

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