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Injustice 2: Source Crystals – Here’s What We Know

Injustice 2
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Injustice 2: Source Crystals – Here’s What We Know

Developers NetherRealm Studios had just unveiled another new feature in Injustice 2 that will further enhance the characters. They introduced a unique type of in-game currency known as the Source Crystals.

Players can buy these Source Crystals with real life money in order to change the appearance of their characters in Injustice 2. These will further make the gameplay experience better since players will be able to customize both heroes and villain with these.

Premier Skins & Shaders

Source Crystals are used to purchase three main items in Injustice 2: Premier Skins, shaders for existing skins, and on the Transform Gear feature. Instead of grinding heavily to buy these items, players can just them with real money if they want.

Premier Skins are new models that will completely change the appearance of an existing character. However, these changes will not affect the way they are played since it only focuses on their looks and voices.

The recently announced Premier Skins include Power Girl, Reverse-Flash, and John Stewart’s Green Lantern. According to EuroGamer, these three are included both in the Deluxe Edition and the Ultimate Edition of the game along with nine other DLC characters.

Shaders for existing skins are different color variations that players can apply to their obtained gears. They pertain to mere color changes like those chroma pack skins found in most MMORPGs.

Gears are also items that can change the appearance of the characters in the game. Unlike Premier Skins, Gears do have an additional effect on the stats of each character.

Players may choose to equip these Gears in multiplayer mode or not, depending on their preferences. This is a newly introduced mechanic by developers that gave players a chance to power-up their characters outside of leveling.

Aside from the Gears, these Shaders also apply to character costumes. Like whenever players are tired from Harley Queen’s red attire, they can change it to purple or some other color.

Level Up Characters with Source Crystals

According to the official site of Injustice, players can also use Source Crystals in order to level up their characters to 20. However, they can only do so when they have at least one character at the said level.

This will allow players to save time as they no longer have to repeat the same grinding path that they took for the first character. Players can buy Source Crystals at the PSN and Xbox One Stores upon release.

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