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Injustice 2 Trailer Features Team Batman, New Characters & More

Injustice 2
Photo screen grabbed from Injustice YouTube Channel.


Injustice 2 Trailer Features Team Batman, New Characters & More

Developer NetherRealm Studios has just revealed the second part of the Shattered Alliance story trailer for Injustice 2. While the first part of the story focused on Superman’s upcoming role for the game, the second focused on Batman’s.

In the previous video, it showed how Superman decided to move towards a rule of brutal dictatorship. As a result, Batman, as well as others, decided to go against him and this had set the story for Injustice 2.

The second Injustice 2 story trailer showed how Superman was imprisoned for the things that he wanted to happen. It showed how Bruce Wayne explained to the public how his good intention changed him from the world’s greatest hero to the biggest threat.

However, the prison was not able to contain Superman for long and he managed to get out. As a result, Superman’s regime started forming once again, forcing Batman to build his own team of superheroes and villains.

Team Batman: Quinn, Black Canary, Flash & Green Lantern

The video showed how Batman successfully recruited Quinn, Black Canary, The Flash, and Green Lantern into his team. It also showed recently released characters such as Dr. Fate and Damian Wayne. According to GameSpot, developers plan on revealing other playable characters soon.

Other characters such as Reverse Flash and Green Arrow also made their appearance in the latest story trailer. Although there were no lines of dialogue, developers had shown bits of Green Arrow gameplay towards the end of the video.

Green Arrow & Reverse-Flash

Oliver Queen, the man behind the mask of Green Arrow, had intentionally fired a missing explosive arrow. He did it so that he would have the chance to run towards the enemy and flip him towards the explosion.

The trailer revealed Reverse Flash going up against the original Flash on a highway. The scene showed nothing except for the both of them trading blows while going fast.

Although the game focuses on the story of the first Injustice: Gods Among Us, DC Comics had filled in the missing details through a new comic series. According to GameRantwriter Tom Taylor said that the new comic will feature how Batman and his team would fix the chaos after Superman was imprisoned.

However, previously trailers already confirmed that Brainiac is the one pulling the strings of all that is happening. If it was not for him, the conflict between two of Earth’s best heroes might not even exist. The game will come out on May 16, 2017, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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