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iPhone 8 Plus Camera Rated As ‘Best Tested’ by DxOMark



iPhone 8 Plus Camera Rated As ‘Best Tested’ by DxOMark

The camera on the iPhone 8 Plus has been rated as the ‘best performing mobile device camera’ that DxOMark has ever tested – achieving an overall DxOMark Mobile Score of 94, and setting a new record in the process. Its score outstrips the previous record of 90 that was shared by both the Google Pixel and HTC U11. Meanwhile the iPhone 8 has performed admirably in tests as well with a score of 92, while the previous generation’s iPhone 7 Plus comes in at 88.

As DxOMark noted, physically the specifications of the iPhone 8 Plus camera are almost identical to that of the iPhone 7 Plus – bearing the same 12 MP dual cameras at the back with an f/1.8 wide angle sensor as well as an f/2.8 telephoto sensor. Per DxOMark the differences between the iPhone 8 Plus and its predecessor are largely under-the-hood – due to improvements to the computational image processing alongside the new A11 chip.

The DxOMark rating system itself tests the performance of cameras in various categories for both photos and videos. It then provides a Photo Score that takes into account exposure and contrast, color, autofocus, texture, noise, artifacts, flash, zoom, and bokeh – and a Video Score that works similarly.

Breaking down the results of DxOMark’s tests shows the iPhone 8 Plus truly excels at snapping photos, as reflected by its record-breaking Photo Score of 96 compared to Google Pixel’s 90. It performs well on the video front as well, with a Video Score of 89 that ties it with the HTC U11, but is slightly behind the Pixel’s 91.

In almost every category tested by DxOMark, the iPhone 8 Plus is ahead of its rivals, which is why its score is ahead of them by a significant margin. However its reign at the top may be short-lived – especially considering Apple’s iPhone X is slated to be released in November and is likely to surpass it. Similarly other new flagships such as the Google Pixel 2 are rumored to be released over the next few months that could give it a run for its money.

As things stand however the iPhone 8 Plus is without peer as far as smartphone cameras are concerned as certified by DxOMark’s tests. It will still make sense to have a photo editor for PC or Mac to tweak the images that are captured, but it is safe to say that the results will be far superior compared to any other smartphone. For photographers and memory makers the performance of the iPhone 8 Plus is likely to have a lot of appeal, especially considering the other improvements to photos and videos that Apple has made with the recently-released iOS 11.

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