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iPhone 8 Price May Be Cheaper If Made In India

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Price May Be Cheaper If Made In India

The iPhone 8 may be a lot cheaper in the future. Manufacturing in India is the ticket towards making prices cheaper. Apple is planning to establish its factory at Bengaluru. As a result, the prices of a locally made iPhone 8 are going to come down in future.

A cheaper iPhone 8 will be a reality very soon if everything falls in place. Wistron’s facility at Peenya is the confirmation that everyone needs. This is the industrial hub in Bengaluru which is often called the Silicon Valley of India.

The upcoming iPhone and other future iPhones will be made by Wistron at this plant. For those not in the know, Wistron is a famed OEM maker headquartered in Taiwan. Deccan Chronicle has now reported that all these phones made in India will be considerably cheaper in future.

Has Apple Confirmed The Development? 

This news has come as a source of huge excitement for fans worldwide. The Cupertino based tech giant Apple has also confirmed this development. Apple states that manufacturing will start in April 2017.

Several experts are already affirming the production of the rumored iPhone 8 in India. Apple, however, is also considering manufacturing of specific devices initially. Production will certainly go up in future with demand picking up.

Sociofly is also upbeat about the manufacturing of iPhones in the Indian market. This will enable Apple to price these phones competitively across the globe. Indian customers will also purchase iPhones in large numbers.

Why It Makes Sense for Apple

This is expected to boost Apple’s sales volumes greatly in the future. Apple is now paying approximately 12% of production and manufacturing costs. This is paid as import taxes and other duties in India for its devices.

These costs add a huge price component to the final sticker value for Apple gadgets. iPhones and other offerings from Apple are hence very expensive. In fact, several other markets have cheaper offerings from Apple due to the absence of these duties.

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