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iPhone 8 Specs May Have Holes In Phone – Here’s Why

iPhone 8 specs


iPhone 8 Specs May Have Holes In Phone – Here’s Why

The iPhone 8 specs are set to get even more explosive! Apple has just won a revolutionary patent. This pertains to path-breaking technology that can drill holes in future smartphones.

Sounds strange? The iPhone 8 Specs list could be in for a dramatic overhaul. The United States Patent & Trademark Office awarded this patent on Tuesday to Apple.

The patent covers “Electronic devices having displays with openings”. This could well be a part of the list of iPhone 8 specs. Fox News reports that the patent talks of technology where smartphones would have displays with multiple openings.

What This Entails 

This would clearly resemble a window where users can see external objects. The patent also describes several ways through which these openings come in handy. These can boost overall functionality of the future iPhone.

One can look through the device to view other objects. Additionally, the openings can be used for seeing a second display if needed. They can deliver sounds through speakers or even voices through microphone links.

They can even double up as heads-up display units. However, the holes can well be minuscule and may not be visible to human eyes. The feature could well boost smartphone usage experiences overall.

The patent also talks of how these holes will enable the creation of full face display units. This is but natural since there will be other features like speakers and a microphone. Smartphones have been going towards design templates that favor all-display units.

Most acclaimed smartphones these days get highly prominent display units. These usually get big bezels at both top and bottom. Ear receivers are also kept on the top.

Why Smartphones Cannot Achieve the All-Display Look 

Home buttons are usually placed on the bottom. Samsung has already done away with right and left bezels. There are curved screens now which flow over to the sides.

However, top and bottom design is still a major roadblock towards achieving the all-display design. HNV News also confirms that Apple may integrate the fingerprint sensor into the iPhone 8 screen. It is not confirmed whether the technology in the patent will find its way into future Apple devices.

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