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iPhone 8 Specs & Price: Concept Hints At What To Expect

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Specs & Price: Concept Hints At What To Expect

The iPhone 8 is the subject of immense speculation concerning its expected features and pricing. The new concept is a behemoth that will give all competitors a run for their money. There are several rumours concerning the design of the latest iPhone model.

The iPhone 8 should be more innovative in comparison to the last iPhone model. The latest concept assimilates all expectations. The concept comes with wireless charging and an attractive glass on glass design template.

The iPhone 8 concept also gets USB-C and an OLED display unit. Techno Buffalo reports that the phone is quite similar aesthetically to the present model. This similarity is visible through the edges and other design touches.

More on the expected features

However, the display unit looks appealing, particularly with the bezels eliminated. The lower portion of the OLED display panel has two apps and the home button. These apps also support easy interchanging.

You can easily choose swift shuffling in between apps. The phone also gets an Iris scanner for unlocking. This is quite similar to the scanner present in the Galaxy Note 7.

The camera setup is now updated and gets 16 megapixels which is more than the present 12 megapixel iPhone 7. USB-C does make for a nice addition but Apple may not do away with its Lightning port in reality. Apple may not wish to give away licensing fees from all third party cable manufacturers.

More on the Concept

PC Advisor reports that this may be a three-tier concept iPhone model. The Pro version integrates Apple Pencil support. This accessory costs $100 and may be a costly addition.

Fans are now hoping that the real iPhone 8 gets all these features and more. Apple should certainly release the new iPhone model in September 2017 as per rumours. The new generation offering from Apple is generating huge buzz globally.

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