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iPhone 8 Specs & Price: Design To Feature Stainless Steel Frame

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Specs & Price: Design To Feature Stainless Steel Frame

The iPhone 8 specs are a matter of immense speculation amongst tech buffs. There is a rumored smartphone coming this year from Apple. However, recent rumors state that a stainless steel frame will be used.

The iPhone 8 specs will reportedly include a glass back. This is a lot like the current flagships introduced by Samsung. The phone will also get a metal frame between the frontal and rear glass portions.

This means that the “glass sandwich” design template may be followed. The iPhone 8 specs should include a stainless steel frame. It will ditch the metal unibody construction template.

Will Stainless Steel Finally Be Used? 

GSM Arena reports that several sources have confirmed the use of stainless steel. This is the same material used for the iPhone 4 chassis. The companies who made the frame back then will notably be brought back now.

Apple will thus make a big shift by way of materials and design. These two companies are Jabil and Foxconn. They will probably rely on the stainless steel forging procedure for the chassis.

Orders are likely to be shared between these two companies. The forging process should cost 30-50% lower in comparison to the present one. Current phones are made through aluminum unibody CNC machining.

How Will This Help Apple? 

Quality control mechanisms will also be stable with stainless steel. The money saved could help Apple integrated curved AMOLED displays. Pegatron, Foxconn and Wistron are reportedly assembling the next generation iPhone.

9 to 5 Mac also confirms the possibility of stainless steel being used. The aluminum back cover design will be ditched. Two reinforced glass panes will be used as mentioned earlier.

Apple will be able to lower the time taken for manufacturing via this process. It will also be able to boost the overall durability of its phones. The new glass-like template has always been speculated about.

The first KGI note came about in April 2015. This note also received support from other reports by Foxconn and suppliers. Using glass will also scale up viability of long distance wireless charging.

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