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iPhone 8 Specs & Price: How It Fares Against Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Specs & Price: How It Fares Against Samsung Galaxy S8

The Apple iPhone 8 is at the heart of massive speculation and rumours. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also another exciting smartphone due for a 2017 release. Which of these smartphones is better?

Does the iPhone 8 manage to outrank the Galaxy S8 at the outset? Going by initial reports, the iPhone 8 may get a more enticing design template than the S8. Both smartphones should get all screen design themes.

The iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will both do away with physical home buttons. Fingerprint sensors are also expected to move underneath the screen as per BGR. However, Apple may radicalize the upcoming iPhone with all front facing elements under the display.

Why Apple Stands to Gain

There may be three new iPhone models available in 2017 including the X/8 and two successors to the iPhone 7. The upcoming iPhone will get an OLED 5.8 inch display with a wraparound design.

Apple will also embed the FaceTime camera and earpiece into the display. It may also use the optical based fingerprint sensor from Synaptic. Apple will also be adding gesture and facial recognition to its latest product.

Release & Pricing Details

Wireless charging is also going to be a big feature although nothing is officially known yet. Samsung may choose to embed just the fingerprint sensor into its display unit for the S8. BGR also reports that the new iPhone is expected in September 2017.

Samsung is expected to launch the S8 in April 2017. Yet, the S8 may get a huge price point for the entry level version. Apple has always retained similar entry pricing for iPhones over several years.

This has been religiously retained even when storage has increased or new features have been added. There is speculation about a $849 starting price for the Galaxy S8. This is a huge entry level price, particularly if the new iPhone will follow similar pricing structures as the iPhone 7.

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