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iPhone 8 Update Hints At New ‘Tap To Wake’ Feature

iPhone 8


iPhone 8 Update Hints At New ‘Tap To Wake’ Feature

The latest iPhone 8 update hints at a whole new “tap to wake” feature. This feature could well be one of the biggest game changers as per reports. There is strong buzz about an impending release of the latest Apple flagship in 2017 itself.

The iPhone 8 update currently hints at a “tap to wake” feature in tandem with fast charging abilities. These are features that Android users have enjoyed for quite some time now. The iPhone may finally go down this direction.

The latest iPhone 8 update also indicates three possible models for the 2017 range as per the International Business Times. There may be two 7S models in tandem with a 10th anniversary special iPhone 8.

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What Else to Expect

There may also be a “Tristar 3 Hydra” chip specially used inside the phone’s charging port. This will facilitate fast charging. This is a little different in comparison to Android smartphones. The latter make use of regular charging ports and are shifting towards USB-C as standard.

However, Apple makes use of Lightning ports instead of the conventional ones used for Android smartphones. But, this entails Apple being unable to use fast charging standards that already exist. This includes Quick Charge from Qualcomm.

It will be an interesting tweak for the company as a result. Wireless charging has long been rumored to be a feature of the upcoming iPhone 8 as per Phone Arena.

More on Tap To Wake

The “tap to wake” feature could well be a major attraction for customers. This will enable Apple to catch up with the latest generation of well equipped Android smartphones. However, this feature may only be available for the anniversary iPhone 8. The two expected 7S models may give this feature a miss as per sources.

Apple will be competing with the Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 as far as the iPhone 8 is concerned.

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