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iPhone 8 Update & Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

iPhone 8 specs


iPhone 8 Update & Release Date: Everything You Need To Know

As per the latest iPhone 8 update, there is certainly a new behemoth in the works. However, Apple has not yet confirmed anything officially. There is already huge speculation about the iPhone 8 and its expected features.

The latest iPhone 8 update states that a new flagship may be introduced by Apple in 2017. This is expected to be the iPhone 7S. However, the sheer amount of new features and modifications in the same may spur Apple to rename the smartphone.

This may be the new iPhone 8 as per the latest iPhone 8 update available online. Apple may thus skip a production cycle as per Forbes. However, there are also rumors that Apple may skip the numbering and start naming products as iPhones only.

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What Else Can Be Expected

Apple may use a glass body for the iPhone 8 with a 5.8 inch OLED display unit free of bezels. This display may get a front camera integrated into it while there may be no actual home button. This may be swapped for a touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The new iPhone 8 may use an A11 chip while there are rumors of 10nm manufacturing processes being considered by Apple. The 10nm A11 chip will ensure greater power and efficiency. The iPhone 8 is expected to get iOS 11.

iOS 11 will come with several added features including improved virtual reality capabilities. There will also be a major update for Siri spurred by the new Google Assistant for the Pixel smartphone range.

Some Other Attractions 

The user interface may be more secure while a doze mode like Android may also be introduced. Apple may also offer a new 3D rear camera for the iPhone 8. This is expected to offer a whole new photographic experience and unmatched image quality.

The iPhone 8 may also come with an Intel 7360 LTE Modem. Apple may also look to improve battery life. There may be three variations of the iPhone 8 based on design and screen size. As per PC Advisor, there may be a new Ferrari Red color introduced for the iPhone 8 as well.

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