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Is Miguel Ferrer Dead: Here’s Why People Are Asking

Miguel Ferrer
Image Source: NCIS Los Angeles Facebook Account


Is Miguel Ferrer Dead: Here’s Why People Are Asking

There have been a lot of celebrity death hoax this year. Those that involve Jaden Smith would probably have to take the cake this year as the most widely fabricated one. However, there are some death rumors that may actually have basis to it. NCIS Los Angeles veteran actor Miguel Ferrer has been on the headlines for the past couple of days not because of his career, but due to his health. The biggest question now is, is Miguel Ferrer Dead?

Miguel Ferrer history and health issues

Miguel Ferrer was born in Santa Monica, California to a very talented family. His father is Puerto Rican Academy Award winner Jose Ferrer and his mother is singer Rosemary Clooney of mixed ancestry. As many people know already, he is George Clooney’s first cousin.

Both of Ferrer’s parents suffered from cancer. As reported by Morning New USA, his father died of colon cancer in 1992. His mother, on the other hand, died of lung cancer. This deadly disease is known to be hereditary and considering that both his parents had it gives him a big chance that he may also get it.

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Is Miguel Ferrer Dead?

To answer this fire-like question, no, Miguel Ferrer is not dead. The whole rumor started when his character in NCIS Los Angeles, Owen Granger, started to show some signs of slurred speech. Sportsrageous reported that many fans noticed his changed voice over the past few episodes. Fans then speculated that the actor has suffered from a mild stroke.

The rumor ‘Miguel Ferrer dead’ also escalated because of an NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 spoiler which suggests that a character will soon leave the show. Once it was established that Daniela Ruah will only have a maternity leave and will eventually come back to the show, fans immediately thought cancer has caught Miguel Ferrer.

There are still no announcement, however, who that character will be. Miguel Ferrer is not dead but he may also leave NCIS Los Angeles because of his other show, Twin Peaks.

Miguel Ferrer

Image Source: NCIS Los Angeles Facebook Account

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