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Is The Walking Dead Cancelled: Details On Ratings & Viewership

The Walking Dead Cancelled
Image Source: Screen grab from @amcthewalkingdead Instagram Account


Is The Walking Dead Cancelled: Details On Ratings & Viewership

Is The Walking Dead cancelled due to the drop in its ratings throughout the seventh season?

The Walking Dead Season 7 has dropped in its ratings from its smallest number of audience since Season 3. The series’ Episode 6 of the present season had a total of 10.4 million viewers, a 4.9 rating in the key 18-49 age demographic, based on Comic Book. This show is in its lowest point in four years. In comparison, the show gained its highest rated episode of the whole series during this season and pulled over 17 million viewers.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 5, which focused on Maggie and Sasha’s stay in Hilltop, gained 11 million viewers, so there has been a considerable drop into Episode 6 which featured Tara.

The Walking Dead Cancelled Due to Low Ratings?

Cosmic Book News called the show “forgettable as forgetting Tara and what’s-his-name haven’t been around” as it aired the show’s 5th episode for the season.

The episode was down to 42 percent from the high ratings of the season’s premiere. The Walking Dead DVR and on-demand viewing numbers are down as well.

The Walking Dead Cancelled

Image Source: Screen grab from @amcthewalkingdead Instagram Account

The Walking Dead extended its episodes and fans are not contented. Little has happened since Negan’s appearance in this season’s premiere. But the content of the horror drama show has considerably advanced the plot. Its delivery has been questionable because fan favorites have been left out when fans hope to see them.

Despite the remarkably low ratings and speculation that The Walking Dead cancelled the show, it has been confirmed to be back for Season 8.

What caused the poor ratings?

The Walking Dead Season 6 ended on a cliffhanger which fans saw as a cheap gimmick according to Cosmic Book News.

The Walking Dead may also be too predictable. It is the norm for the show to have a good first and last episode. Nothing much happens in between. “Why bother watching when nothing happens? I’ll just watch the first and last episodes.”, said a Cosmic Book News writer.

Rick and Daryl have essentially become Negan’s lackeys and people wanted the old Sheriff Rick.

There may also be too many new characters which fans may not be too fond of.

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Two episodes remain before the season’s mid-finale. Various groups have been introduced. The current situation of each named character has been shown. The show is expected to tie them all together to keep the viewers’ hopes up.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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