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iSine VR Headphones Price & Specs Offer ‘More Realistic VR Experience’

iSine VR Headphones


iSine VR Headphones Price & Specs Offer ‘More Realistic VR Experience’

The iSine VR Headphones have been a major launch at CES 2017. These in-ear headphones offer more accurate and engaging VR (virtual reality) experiences. However, they are quite costly too.

The iSine VR Headphones have been unveiled by Audeze and get planar magnetic technology. This is advanced tech usually seen across bigger studio headphones. However, a smaller version was already shown last year by the company.

This year, the technology has been integrated into the iSine VR Headphones. This technology makes use of magnets instead of voice coils for moving the membrane. This helps deliver sound that is more natural and rich.

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Some more features on offer 

Audeze claims to offer considerably lower levels of distortion in tandem with a wider soundstage. Accurate bass is also being offered between flat to 10 Hz. PC Gamer reports that these headphones will work smoothly with several devices.

These include the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, StarVR and Sony PlayStation VR headsets. The headphones will be released later in January 2017. They are expected to be priced at $399.

Even though the price may seem a little too expensive up front, this is actually a good deal. Considering the advanced planar magnetic technology on offer, it does seem pretty low. It remains to be seen whether the headphone manages to rack up sales figures in the market.

Will the headphones work?

VR Indies has also confirmed that the headphones will be launched later this month itself. The headphones promise amazing and premium sound above all else. The prices may seem a little too hefty for one’s taste.

However, considering the sound quality, audiophiles will not baulk at the premium being asked. The company is betting big on the iSine VR range and the CES launch has created good buzz as well.

It should certainly carve a niche for itself in an otherwise competitive industry segment.

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