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[Watch] ‘It’ Movie Trailer Releases Evil Clown Pennywise In Action

It Movie
Screen grab from Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube Channel


[Watch] ‘It’ Movie Trailer Releases Evil Clown Pennywise In Action

The very first It movie trailer has just been released, and it’s looking as promising as ever, if the film’s terrifying clown is any indication of the horror it will bring. For the uninitiated, It is a story of a town in which several children have gone missing, prompting a group of friends to launch an investigation. Upon their inspection, however, they come across a horrifying clown who has been responsible for terrorizing children by exploiting their worst fears.

Typically, It–the being, that is–takes the form of a clown. So, a fair warning: this isn’t for those who have a fear of clowns. Take caution when approaching the story, be it through its original novel or the upcoming film.

It Movie: What To Expect

The infamous evil clown of It will be portrayed by actor Bill Skarsgard, who is known for his roles in Hemlock Grove and Allegiant. The upcoming film, which is written by its original novel author, will still feature the original band of kids called The Losers Club. The story will thus follow this group as they search for the truth regarding disappearances in their town alongside their alarming encounter with Pennywise the deadly clown.

Notably, as the first trailer reveals, the upcoming movie will be staying true to its source material. It also helps that the screenplay was written by Stephen King, the author of the original horror novel that the film is adapting.

As the book is set during the ’80s, much of this setting is reflected in themes found in the movie. Prominently featured in the trailer is a red balloon as well, which seemingly acts as an ominous sign for the terror soon to occur.

Other It Adaptations

This wouldn’t be the first time It has been adapted into another form of media other than its original source material. Previously, the novel had been adapted into a television miniseries back in the ’90s. Back then, Pennywise was portrayed by actor Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Wild Thornberrys). Curry’s rendition of the sinister entity later on became an icon in its own right. Thus, it will be interesting to see what Skarsgard will bring to the table with his interpretation of Pennywise this time around.

Watch the It movie trailer below:

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