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Janet Jackson Pregnant: Baby’s Gender & Birth Plan Leaked – Details Here

Janet Jackson pregnant
Image Source: Janet Jackson Twitter Account


Janet Jackson Pregnant: Baby’s Gender & Birth Plan Leaked – Details Here

Janet Jackson has been in the music industry for a long time now. People are used to reading about her successful world tour shows and top billboard hits. However this year and for the past three years, the headlines were more about her personal life. The biggest question fans have now is: is Janet Jackson pregnant with a boy or a girl?

Janet Jackson pregnant with a baby girl?

Janet Jackson is expected to give birth anytime now. Jackson’s pregnancy was confirmed back in May just two weeks before her 50th birthday. Although there were rumors a few years back that she already got pregnant with her former partner, this time is still considered her first pregnancy as the rumors were never proven true.

The 50-year-old singer and her husband Wissam Al Mana have always been private with their lives. According to a report by Inquisitr, the couple met in 2010 and secretly wed two years after. However, their marriage did not go public not until 2013. In a statement in February 2013, Jackson said that they were married in a “quiet, private and beautiful ceremony.”

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Considering that the wedding, an important milestone is a person’s life, was kept secret, there is no doubt that the pregnancy will not be anything different. To answer the question, is Janet Jackson pregnant with a boy or a girl, well the answer is no one really knows except close family.

Nothing was revealed even when Jackson was spotted shopping for baby furniture in London. According to a report by The Daily Mail, workers of Back In Action store closed down the shop so Janet can look over items without being bothered by anyone. The shopping would have been a good hint on the gender of the baby by the color of the furniture she was looking at. Unfortunately, the store was locked down and she left with a single bag.

Janet Jackson pregnant with a lot of risks. How will she give birth?

Considering that almost everything in Janet Jackson’s life is private, it is not hard to guess that she will not be delivering in a hospital. Apparently, the famous singer insists that she gives birth at their home. Not only will that keep paparazzi and strangers away but Jackson reportedly said that it will keep her calm.

Her state while giving birth is very important as her age is not the ideal time to have a baby. That is why Wissam is also worried about her pregnancy and choice of delivery. He is reportedly convincing her to give birth in a hospital instead. Janet Jackson probably felt that people around her are worried. That is why she went on her Twitter account to let her fans know that she is ok.

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