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Just Cause 3 PC Mod: How To Use Multiplayer Feature

Just Cause 3 PC Mod
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Just Cause 3 PC Mod: How To Use Multiplayer Feature

Ever wanted to play Just Cause in multiplayer? Players appear to have made a Just Cause 3 PC Mod for multiplayer just for us to enjoy. This tutorial will teach you how to use the revolutionary mod.

This may just add tad a bit more fun in the already-chaotic world of the game. The mod will now allow players to wreak havoc in the game world with the company of others. This is collective chaos in action, and it appears to be making the game a lot more awesome.

The more amazing part is that this is an entirely player-based effort. The 2015 hit title is now virtually a multiplayer title, given the right tinkering. PC players, hang on tight for this sick Just Cause 3 PC Mod.

Just Cause 3 PC Mod: Multiplayer Galore

This long-awaited mod adds multiplayer to the 2015 smash title in the PC. Although this is not yet available in the Steam workshop, the modders made this available for download in their website. Of course, players need the Steam version of the game to play this.

Sadly, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have no version of the mod yet. There’s no news if the creators will be making a version for the consoles. Regardless, they can tune in to this tutorial to see how it appears in the PC version of the game.

However, fans should remember that this patch isn’t close to finished. Although, people who have downloaded it appear to be enjoying the experience so far. Which begs the question, why hasn’t Avalanche Studios added the feature yet?

Ronald Lesterlin, game director, defended this decision by saying the focus was to create an experience for single-players first. This may mean a multiplayer option can be added in the future. However, this new experience will have to wait.

Official Multiplayer Patch?

Just Cause 3 was a pretty high-profile game when it came out. It offers both fast-paced action and an intense story in a freely-open world. While other titles such as Grand Theft Auto already offer this option, this game takes it to the next level.

Sadly, players do know a multiplayer patch would be so awesome. A mod like this may give developers the proper nudge to make a functioning multiplayer patch. Though fans can remember that a multiplayer mod was planned to be added to Just Cause 2. 

Sadly, this dream may not come to fruition as the multiplayer mod creator was hired by Avalanche Studios. The aforementioned multiplayer mod is made by a completely new team. You can watch a beta release announcement below.

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