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Kanye West New Album 2016: Rapper Working On New Music With Lil Uzi Vert

Kanye West New Album
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Kanye West New Album 2016: Rapper Working On New Music With Lil Uzi Vert

Dj Whoo Kid from the “The Whoolywood Shuffle” interviews budding rap star, Lil Uzi Vert after his heavy ordeal with the police. He discusses upcoming projects and finally divulged to the interviewer that he is working with a very special person at the moment. That special person is Kanye West. Nevertheless, the interview also concluded that Uzi Vert associates with Kanye West New Album 2016.

Uzi Vert Spells It All

Uzi Vert divulged with Dj Whoo Kid during the interview the details on how he had come to working with Kanye West. By all means, Kanye West was his inspiration.

Uzi Vert said that Kanye’s style and political convictions inspire him to pursue a rap star career. Will Uzi Vert be able to land a successful career in the field? How far has he to go?

Just recently, Vert had been in a brief brushoff with the police due to traffic violations. Rumors only fired up the moments reports about his escape from the police with a dirt bike, Hypebeast said.

But obviously, Uzi Vert did not allow his career to be remembered in that frame. And thus, he decided to work with his idol.

Kanye West is a successful American rapper, producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur and songwriter. He successfully sold albums, “The College Dropout”, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and many more.

Eventually, Kanye partnered with Jay Z for a joint project in 2011, “Watch the Throne”. Certainly, this partnership with Jay Z oriented him to the nature of joint projects.

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Kanye West New Album 2016 Features

The upcoming Kanye West New Album 2016, with which Uzi Vert was believed to be featured in, may focus on a new music form. The music form may keep up new with major collaborations plus the usual themes of bullying, multicultural exchanges and politics, FactMag said.

The interview with Uzi Vert during the “The Whoolywood Shuffle” released very few details. Fans are watching out for more news on Kanye West New Album 2016.

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