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Kanye West New Album 2017 Tracklist: New Songs Have Video Game Titles

Kanye West New Album 2017


Kanye West New Album 2017 Tracklist: New Songs Have Video Game Titles

Kanye West New Album 2017 rumors have been circulating for quite some time now. West is seemingly back in the studio after being released from hospital. Rumors now hint that the tracklist of his next album has been leaked.

The Kanye West New Album 2017 is rumored to be called Turbo Grafx 16. An Instagram post by producer Pete Rock has given rise to these rumors. Rock has flaunted his current collaboration with West on the social media platform.

The Kanye West New Album 2017 is expected to be inspired heavily by gaming. Polygon reports that Rock’s post looks to be a new tracklist. The names include Sonic Colors, Red Steel 2 and Sin and Punishment 2 among others.

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This album will be a follow up to The Life of Pablo album released earlier by the rapper. The Turbo Grafx 16 console is reportedly the inspiration behind the album. Kanye West is known to love games, particularly old school 90s titles.

More on the new album

He is already working on his own video game as per reports. This trailer has already had its premiere at E3 2016. GameSpot has also reported that Kanye West is already moving forward with his next game themed album.

West is “on some nerd vibes” as he himself announced earlier in 2016. The tracklist for the album could also include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, New Super Mario Bros and No More Heroes 2 as per sources.

Why Kanye’s New Game Could be Exciting

Pete Rock is over the moon about this new collaboration and his new teaser seems to confirm all these rumors manifold. Kanye West’s new game will be called Only One: The Game. This is further indicative of his interest in game development and games in general.

This game had a trailer launch and everyone praised the lovely trailer. This had Kanye’s mother journey to heaven on a flying horse. She was even shown growing angel wings.

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