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Killer Instinct Characters: Kilgore’s Machine Gun Arms, Abilities & More

Killer Instinct

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Killer Instinct Characters: Kilgore’s Machine Gun Arms, Abilities & More

Killer Instinct Ultimates are back!  Kilgore will be released showcasing his machine guy arms.

New Killer Instinct DLC

The cyborg is the latest character included in the downloadable content (DLC) lineup for the gameFurthermore, he will be on sale for $10 in the game’s expanding roster. Half of the sales will go to the the Killer Instinct Community Fund, which will be used for competitive gaming conventions.

Kilgore’s origins are derived from the cyborg project organized by Ultratech’s Program. In addition, he is one of the failed cyborgs designed by the organization. The battle machines are fused with twin overpowered chain guns that overheat. This flaw made them unfit for battle.

However, one cyborg refused to accept his fate. Kilgore started recalibrating his own software. Furthermore, the unit sprung from retirement by ARIA to fulfill her will.

Kilgore was first mentioned in the the game’s Novella chapter Aria for Noomorph. Meanwhile, he appeared in the Shadow Lords dossier titled Robotics Lab III.

Here’s a video of the out-of this world cyborg in action:

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Kilgore’s Abilities

Even with his outdated framework, Kilgore is packed with a lot of abilities. First, the character is designed with machine gun arms. It spills a number of bullets to any opponent.

However, Kilgore can suffer from overheating due to its outdated software. It doesn’t matter, because this powerful fighter uses the heat as another weapon to fluster its enemies.

Lastly, its chest is packed with a nuclear reactor. This highly powerful weapon can be used to fire rocket launchers to a group of antagonists. When activated, the extra heat can cause an explosion. Resulting to an amazing display of power.

How To Purchase Kilgore

The character can be purchased in the game on PC or Xbox One. Meanwhile, it can also be bought online via Microsoft for $9.99.

Another character was added in the season 3 of the game. Eyedol was revealed in the boss level of the first game, and is now appearing on season 3 as a DLC playable character.

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