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Killer Instinct Xbox One & PC Update: Stats & Abilities Of New Fighter Cyborg

Killer Instinct Xbox One
Screen grab from Killer Instinct’s Official Website

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Killer Instinct Xbox One & PC Update: Stats & Abilities Of New Fighter Cyborg

Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy confirmed that Killer Instinct Xbox One and Windows PC will unveil a new fighter this January. Stats and abilities of the new member of the fleet can be found here.

Kilgore in Killer Instinct Xbox One

The new fighter known as Kilgore, is gifted with a ton of magnificent abilities. First, the new character is closely matched with Fulgore. Details on the capabilities of Kilgore have not been revealed, but users will be able to get the information once it unveils next week.

According to a tweet by Microsoft Studios community manager Rukari Austin, the new character is an UltraTech-developed amalgamation. His abilities came from other icons in the game as part of its reanimation.

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 Version 3.6 Update Details

Meanwhile, Thunder will be given an entirely new set of costumes in the version 3.6 update. In addition, Austin said that he will work with the Nez Perce tribe to make sure that the character will get an outfit that stayed true to its roots. Thunder is a red-skinned Native American, who is tasked to defend his domain. Known as the mystical defender of his people, he enters a competition to give light to the death of his brother.

Some of the new features can be unlocked by hitting goals in the Shadow Lords’ archives. Players can unlock Gargos platinum skin, Gargos gold skin, a new jago reto clock, among others. Furthermore, Fulgore will be reskinned in the next update. Iron Galaxy have not revealed the details of the new look. Lastly, Godlike can be chosen as a playable character in the game. All they need to do is beat Gargos in Challenging mode.

Even more, players can now pick from Survival mode versus Aritificial Intelligence (AI) or Shadows. Besides, it is an effective way to earn more points. In addition to the multitude of updates included in the 3.6 patch, it also fixed the bugs in Killer Instinct Xbox one. The patch fixed issues with the widget, which doesn’t display the exact numbers real time.

Details of the 3.6 update can be found in the release notes posted in Killer Instinct’s official page.

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