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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Revealed: Mickey Team Up, New Spirits & More

Kingdom Heart 2.8
Image Source: RPG Site


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Revealed: Mickey Team Up, New Spirits & More

The official Japanese website of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 has just been updated by Square Enix. With the update were loads of amazing screenshots that definitely gave a good peek of the upcoming game.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 was initially scheduled to be out this year. However, the game made way for the release of another much awaited RPG game, Final Fantasy 15. Although gamers who were eagerly waiting for the game was disappointed by the delay, the newly released screenshots were probably more than enough to make up for it. Sneak peeks of all three parts of the game, Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, were posted.

One of the most talked about screenshots of the game was Aqua and Mickey’s team up. According to a report by Gematsu, the player will meet and can team up with King Mickey in the World of Darkness. The player may use the “Wayfinder” collaboration technique with him.

Also revealed was a Kingdom Hearts 2.8 function that can customize Aqua. As per Dual Shockers, accessories for her back, head and shoulders are available and can be attached. The player can also change Aqua’s costume color and patterns by completing some in-game challenges.

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Kingdom Heart 2.8 Aqua

Image Source: RPG Site Screenshots

There are also new spirits that will be joining the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 universe. They are good spirits that can help Sora and Riku. New Dream Eaters in the game include Yuagari Penguin, Pondanyan and Biitoppoi. It can be noted that all spirits in the game can be combined.

Not only were the trophies renewed for the HD remaster of the game but a new Keyblade and Frog Trophy have also been added. The much awaited game is scheduled to be released for PlayStation on January 12 in Japan and January 24 in US, Canada and Europe.

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