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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Location Of All Zodiac Relics

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide
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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Location Of All Zodiac Relics

By now, you probably know Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is the game everyone is playing. If you’re trying to get into it and need a bit of help, this Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide will be useful.

But before we start with this Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide, Kingdom Hearts 3 was recently reported to be available on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4. This caused quite a stir recently when fans noticed the Xbox One logo was not on the Kingdom Hearts site. However, Square Enix has fixed the issue since.

This is good news for Xbox One owners who are also interested in playing the game without the need for adding another console. Kingdom Hearts 3 has yet to see a release date and hopefully, there will be news for it soon.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Zodiac Relics

The Zodiac Relics in the game consists of 12 items. Collecting these items creates a mirror in the World Within, introducing a Boss Rush Fight that can give you a large amount of experience.

However, it should be noted that these relics are found in treasure chests only after you’ve finished beating the game once. So be sure to beat A Fragmentary Passage on any difficulty level once and then save the game. Once you’re done, load the saved game again and the treasure chests with relics will appear in the following places listed below.

Castle Town Relics

Aries Relic – Find the Aries Relic near some stacked boxes at the town square. Go straight and jump on the pillar to your right. You’ll find the boxes near the building wall.

Aquarius Relics – Head to the market stand that’s still in the town square and then turn left through an alley. There will be some debris but just go past it by walking on top of the lamp. Drop down and you’ll see a wall with a window that’s boarded. Find the relic there.

Virgo Relic – Go to the town square again just like in the Aries Relic. But instead of the pillar on your right, take the left one. Use the overpass and you’ll find a treasure chest on your left.

Sagittarius Relic – On the right side of the town square is a pillar that has an overpass on top. Jump on it and head straight. Climb the stairs located to your left. Jump over the debris you meet climb to the right. As you hit the end, you’ll see the chest.

The World Within Relics

Cancer Relic – Head straight past the man with the arrow sign. Turn left to find the chest.
In the main area, head straight past the lit Sagittarius marking (man with arrow) and turn left. The chest is on your left.

Pieces Relic – There is a mirror between the scale and scorpion markings. Warp into it to get to the hall. The chest will be behind you.

Leo Relic – On your left is another mirror. Warp into it to reach the platform puzzle. There will be diamonds on the ground. Interact with the mirror when you head straight to get to spawn a platform. Jump on it and the one on your left and find the chest to your right.

Libra Relic – Jump on top of the platform of the Leo Relic where you’ll see another platform to your right. Get to it and you’ll see another long platform where you will walk down and land on the two platforms with diamonds. Just follow through this path and jump to the battle area where the chest is on the right.

Gemini Relic – There will be a mirror that will lead you to a room with columns. Here, you must activate the pillars which are the first and second glowing pillar you find. In a dark corner will be the third pillar which will have the chest with the relic.

Forest of Thorns Relics

Taurus Relic – Pass through a bunch of thorns from the save point. Jump below and rush straight ahead for the chest.

Scorpio Relic – Grind on the rail and push forward where the area will open up. You’ll see pillars once you’re done. Head past the pillars and through a bunch of thorns where there will be a clearing and a chest to your right.

Depths of Darkness Relic

Capricorn Relic – This is the last relic to find. Run through the stage to come across a big white light. You’ll find the chest on top of a pillar.

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