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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Who Is Phantom Aqua & How To Beat Her

kingdom hearts 2.8 guide
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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Who Is Phantom Aqua & How To Beat Her

Aqua may be facing a lot of enemies in the newest Kingdom Hearts game. But the first fight she’ll be encountering is herself. Aqua will face Phantom Aqua and here’s a Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide that will help you beat her.

Phantom Aqua is one of Aqua’s many challenges. She’ll be the protagonist’s inner demon within the game and will be encountered three times. Having a Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide with you as you face her can help you beat Phantom Aqua in no time.

To start this Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide, remember that what comes in handy in all of these fights is avoidance. Believe it or not, avoiding Phantom Aqua’s blows helps. But also remember to strike the second she’s open for receiving damages.

Encounter 1

Phantom Aqua will slash at you or throw four crystal balls at you. Those are the two main attacks she can do. She starts immediately once the fight begins so be prepared to counter them.

When she teleports, that’s when she’ll throw the crystal balls at you. Dodge them by rolling left to right and back again. Directions change but a few tries will make you get the hang of it.

You can attack when she slows down, which Phantom Aqua will. That’s when you can damage her with your Keyblade or throw some magic at her.

Encounter 2

Once again, countering Phantom Aqua’s attacks and avoiding her is the best strategy. This fight is similar to the first one so you’ll probably want to use the same tactics.

Take heed: stay away from the center. Attack her if you can from the outside. She’ll throw the crystal like balls at you twice in a row so be prepared.

Encounter 3

Once the fight begins, Shotlock Phantom Aqua as she teleports. This gives you an advantage in the next attack.

Phantom Aqua will have a new spinning move and will use faster melee strikes. But avoid them once again if you can. Use the same tactics as the first two fights by striking once it’ll be obvious enough that she’s slowed down.

Unlike the previous fights, make sure to stay in the center at first. Head outside only when Phantom Aqua circles in. You can still counter her attacks when you’re in the center but it’s easier to maintain a safe distance outside.

Have fun battling Phantom Aqua and keep posted for more KH 2.8 guides on Video Games Republic.

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