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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide To All Locations Of Lingering Memories

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide


Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide To All Locations Of Lingering Memories

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series will understand that playing through the game will clarify all points prior to Kingdom Hearts 3. This Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide will show you just how to fulfill one of the objectives in the game.

Any gaming enthusiast will also know that the latest game (albeit, a compilation) in the franchise can be complicated and tricky at times. This Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide and others in Video Games Republic will help you get through the game smoothly.

Any Kingdom Hearts 2.8 guide will explain that the game currently has 51 objectives to complete. A particular objective is to complete Lingering Memories, which comprises four of these objectives. Do not fret, however, as acquiring them has its benefits. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Lingering Memories

These Lingering Memories are little illuminated icons that exist in specific locations of one of the games in the compilation: Birth by Sleep. They are little lights in special locations in maps, which makes them hard to find.

According to iDigitalTimes, the four main worlds of the game have these Lingering Memories. Unlocking them unlocks objectives 38, 40, 45 and 50. Getting them will also allow you to get special gear for your benefit.

Unlocking the Memories

Castle Town: The first Lingering Memory is located on a rooftop to the right of the central town square near the shop. It has a neon glass slipper logo. If you go to this rooftop, it seems to be the perfect vantage point for a Shotlock. The slipper is actually an indication for a special feature, something players may not have seen immediately. This unlocks Pulse Blades, a unique item for Aqua.

The World Within: The second Lingering Memory is on top of a tall pillar in the hub area. Go to the room’s right side and hop on top of one of the buildings. Make sure you locate the square, flat pillar. Jump to the main arch and look for the glowing red dot. This unlocks Warrior’s Arm Plate, a unique costume for Aqua.

Forest of Thorns: The third Lingering Memory is directly under a Darkside that sits alone in its clearing. There’s a tiny orange dot between its legs. This unlocks Pulse Antennae, a unique headwear for Aqua.

Depths of Darkness: The last Lingering Memory is located from one of the three Earth Core Heartless from the save point. Turn around and you should see a crevice on your left with a stone arch over it. By the time you slide down, there’s a glowing purple heart on the wall. This unlocks Polka Dots, a delightful addition to Aqua’s costume.

Players who need a Kingdom Hearts refresher can view the HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue‘s trailer below. The story is both a compilation and a prologue to Kingdom Hearts 3, which is pegged to be the final chapter of the “Xehanort Sage” of the franchise:

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