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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Where To Find Flora, Fauna & Merryweather Flowers

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide
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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Where To Find Flora, Fauna & Merryweather Flowers

A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide is always available for finding Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather flowers. There are 51 objectives available in the game, and the aforementioned flowers pertain to the game’s 34th objective.

This Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide states that the three flowers are to be found. These represent Merryweather, Fauna and Flora. These are to be found in the Forest of Thorns.

As per the latest Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide, there are some key locations that you must be aware of. iDigital Times reports that you can find the Fauna or Green Flower with ease. Once you take the first log ride linking two pillars with the end chest, jump downwards.

What You Should Do Now

This helps you continue through the path containing red vines. You will soon come to a fork in the road. It is necessary that you go straight in spite of Terra and Ven calling you from the right. You will soon find a clearing with this treasure and some Heartless.

This green flower is hugely necessary for Objective 34. The next location is the second Rocky Path save point. From here, go to the sparkling pillars.

You should always eliminate all Darksides you come across and continue. Continue absolutely straight and you will come to the huge steps in stone. Here, you will find a tiny crevice zone to your left.

Finding Merryweather & Flora

The blue flower or Merryweather is hidden in this zone. When it comes to the Red Flower or Flora, you have to sweat it out. You should go backwards into the forest from the third Path’s End save position.

Go down the huge steps and you will soon be at the fork in the road. Go left from there and hug the zone alongside the tree trunk. You will soon behold a rock with markings below, as per Game Rant.

The red flowers are present here. As a reward, you will get blue Minnie ears that Aqua can put on! Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is already available for PlayStation 4.

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