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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Affected By World Development

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Affected By World Development

Fans of Kingdom Hearts 3 are still not getting a confirmed release date until now. But fans need not worry about its development. The director for the game explains why it isn’t coming out soon.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura gave an update regarding the development process of the third installment of Kingdom Hearts. In his interview with Famitsu, he explained that when his team works on a world, they do it one at a time before moving to the next one.

According to Nomura, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a “different work process” than their other titles. Some worlds that they’ve developed are finished, while there are others that they haven’t started on yet.

This is not considered a delay. For those worlds that they haven’t started on yet, Nomura didn’t explain why but just cited that it’s “business as usual”. He did, however, explain that this is because some worlds’ end elements need to undergo approval for them to develop it.

Nomura also added that fans need not worry about the quality of the game and asked to wait for the next update. He’ll be able to show fans something by then and that “preparations are underway.”

Other Updates

Nomura mentioned there will be a new battle system in the game called “Situation Commands”. Previously reported by Video Games Republic, the updated battle system can “actively choose” which command to use.

In fact, Nomura mentioned that what players can see in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 is a small part of what is to come in this new battle system in KH3.

Still In Development

The third part of Kingdom Hearts is still “currently in development” as announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013. What has been confirmed so far by Square Enix is that worlds from Tangled and Big Hero 6 are included in the game. No talks of Marvel or Frozen crossovers have been mentioned so far.

There is still a long way to go for KH3. If fans can recall, Final Fantasy XV took 10 years to be released. For now, keep updated with the latest KH3 news on Video Games Republic.

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