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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Devs Unsure On Decoration Inclusion

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Devs Unsure On Decoration Inclusion

Will Kingdom Hearts 3 release more details of the game soon? Or will Square Enix just surprise us one day with a release date?

There has been no major news on Kingdom Hearts 3 in a while. There have only been speculations and clues regarding what to expect based on the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.8. In addition, this lack of updates has been disappointing fans that are eager to know more about the third part of the Kingdom Hearts series.

Director of Kingdom Hearts 3 Tetsuya Nomura recently spoke about this. He gave fans an insight on whether or not previous Kingdom Hearts series really did reveal details or not for KH 3.

Famitsu asked Tetsuya Nomura if the decorations in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 will make its way to KH 3, but his answer was that he wasn’t sure. He cited that KH 0.2 is a short episode and that the plan was to add more content for “replay value.”

In KH 3 however, there are already a lot of factors that make up that “replay value.” So for now, everything depends on the state of development of the game.

Plans and choices for the decorations in KH 0.2 were also revealed by Nomura that the staff had a hand in it. Nomura declined some designs but most of it made it into the game.

Release Date Still Not Confirmed

There is still no release date for KH 3. But, Nomura assured fans that even though there is no date and there is a lack of update, the game’s development is still ongoing. In fact, he assured fans that the final product and quality will not suffer.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise worried at first since it seems that Square Enix made it look like they were not sure what content to put in the series. They cited that this was the reason for not releasing the game so soon.

But this only goes to show that careful planning and development is being made. This is for everyone to have the best gaming experience when it comes to their favorite Kingdom Hearts series.

Compatible On Xbox One

The 3rd Kingdom Hearts was unveiled back in 2013 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Though it’s been quite a while since there were any updates, one notable detail is if the game is playable on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Recently, fans noticed the logo for Xbox One was removed from the game’s website. However, Square Enix has fixed this detail and the game is confirmed for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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