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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: How KH 2.8 Hints At What To Expect

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: How KH 2.8 Hints At What To Expect

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue serves as the lead to the last entry in the Kingdom Hearts Dark Seeker saga — Kingdom Hearts III. Take a look at the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 hints that signal some plot points in Kingdom Hearts 3.

0.2 Birth By Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage, offers more than just a table setting for Kingdom Hearts 3. The game delivers important insight into what to expect from the long-awaited sequel. Furthermore, Aqua’s journey through the Dark World is the closest to playing Kingdom Hearts III. Take a look at what that experience tells the gamers about the future of Kingdom Hearts.

Fair warning: Final Chapter Prologue’s new chapter, A Fragmentary Passage story and gameplay spoilers ahead .


A Fragmentary Passage’s combat system feels like a smooth, streamlined blend of the franchise’s best fighting options. Moreover, Aqua’s abilities won’t likely mirror Sora’s in Kingdom Hearts 3. However, Drive Forms are back. They appear to be different from the commands and magic included in the game. It aims to add variety to the game’s adventure.

The hints of just how fun Kingdom Hearts III can be are on display in A Fragmentary Passage. The Birth By Sleep saga doesn’t utilize the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance’s Flowmotion skills.

For instance, controlling Aqua can make them feel fluid, especially when magic is added to the mix. Even more, it does away with Dream Drop Distance’s clunky command deck format, which can be more cumbersome than intuitive to that game’s movement system. Players have to play new additions like KH 3‘s Attraction Flow system seen in the sneak peek.

New Side Missions

Aqua’s journey will make players feel familiar to Kingdom Hearts greats. Gameplay additions like customizable skins and optional objectives deliver fresh twists to the protagonist’s adventure.

Aqua completes a number of combat and exploration-based missions. This includes defeating  many enemies with a certain spell type. In addition, this includes creating an ice bridge and skating over it. This can unlock new options for Aqua’s outfits. This doesn’t drastically affect the story or gameplay, but it’s a fun bonus. It encourages the player to experiment with all of Aqua’s skills.

Sora’s powers can be seen in different Drive Forms. It can be tied to his costume, while his appearance can change based on the Disney world he is accessing. Being able to outfit Sora, Donald, and Goofy with accessories and different skins could go far towards making players fully explore every world and use the set of skills they will have access to in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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