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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date May Include Marvel Heroes – Here’s Why

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date May Include Marvel Heroes – Here’s Why

A collaboration between Square Enix and Marvel may hint on deeper participation of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Recent news of an Avengers Reassemble line of games have upgraded the hopes of fans of both Marvel comics and Square Enix games. Can we see them in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 remains to be one of the most-anticipated games of the decade. After all, the series itself is innovative in its inclusion of both Disney and Final Fantasy characters in the mix. It only makes sense that Disney franchises also enter the fray.

After speculations of Star Wars characters in the Kingdom Hearts 3 slate, it’s time we dwell in Avengers territory. Just how plausible is a Marvel world in a Kingdom Hearts game? If so, just what might the story be about?

Kingdom Hearts 3: Meet Marvel?

According to PlayStation Universe, prior to the Avengers Project announcement, it seems plausible that Kingdom Hearts 3 could include the Marvel heroes. While this has not been officially announced, they can even arrive as downloadable content (DLC) packs. This is because it has been confirmed that there is a Big Hero 6 world straight from the movies.

It can be remembered that Big Hero 6 is an original comic book from Marvel. This makes it all the more possible for the Avengers to be in the game. This is of course after director Tetsuya Nomura also said there are unannounced worlds that are still in development, as per Gematsu.

Marvel World: Speculations

Fans into speculation will not run out of possible stories that can be included in the game’s potential Marvel world. After all, there are a lot of crises in the Marvel line of comics. A popular one right now is Civil War 2, where Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) are fighting for a man who can see the future. This can be twisted into the two fighting for Sora, who has the power to access hearts.

A good story can also be about the Infinity War. This is about Thanos who wants to usurp power across the universe using powerful Infinity Stones. The power of the Keyblade to access hearts and open worlds can be something Thanos can seek.

Regardless, only Square Enix and Marvel will only be able to confirm the existence of another Marvel world in the game. Until a release date is revealed and the final set of worlds is announced, then these will remain possibilities.

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