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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: New Heartless Models Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: New Heartless Models Revealed

More Kingdom Hearts 3 news! Square Enix recently released a screenshot featuring Sora, showing the protagonist battling a new big boss. Check out the details here.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Heartless Models Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 director Tetsuya Nomura shared that this is the first time his team will be showing this screenshot of the new Heartless model. Furthermore, the director shared that there are a lot of new things in store for the fans, such as the new Keyblade that can transform into other weapons.

“It’s happening in Thebes and they are fighting a new model of the Heartless. Here it is a shield, but it can also be transformed into a chariot. This is called Power Form,” Nomura explained. In the interview, Nomura also shared some screenshots from the Final Fantasy 7 remake. He shared that his team put a lot of energy in improving the combat system in the game. So far, the confirmed release date of the much-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3 is still unknown. Here’s to hoping that it will happen soon.

New Trailer?

Fans are psyched to know when Kingdom Hearts franchise developer Square Enix will reveal a new trailer for the upcoming third installment. The developer has been very secretive on unveiling anything new. It is high time for Square Enix to share something solid about the game.

Dengeki PlayStation wrote that something new for Kingdom Hearts fans will be shown soon. So far, the Kingdom Hearts World Tour series of concerts on March 10 is expected to happen. It might show content for the game. The predictions became stronger when Franchise Composer Yoko Shimomura said that she and Kingdom Hearts Director Nomura have something planned especially for the fans. Could it be the KH 3 trailer? Fingers crossed!

According to Shimomura, Nomura will be managing the trailer that will be shown in the event. Hopefully, it will feature cutscenes or an actual trailer of the much-awaited game.

The orchestra concert will celebrate the game’s 15th anniversary so hopefully, new content to tease fans would be added. In addition, the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer mentioned that new KH3 content would come this winter. Although March 10 is just days away from the winter season ending, this still fits the timeline.

KH3 is currently in development. Excited to play KH3 soon? Drop a line in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more.

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