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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Nomura Reveals More On Sora

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Nomura Reveals More On Sora

It seems that fans aren’t the only ones excited about Kingdom Hearts 3. Game Director Tetsuya Nomura seems to be excited for the game as well, as he has been talking about it and revealing details bit by bit.

Though Nomura has been careful about revealing Kingdom Hearts 3 details and giving away important information, he did talk about Sora recently. According to him, Sora is just a normal boy despite the many things that happened to him.

Nomura did express that many might wonder why he considers Sora a normal boy. The game’s protagonist, which we’ll hopefully see more of in Kingdom Hearts 3, has had many trials and challenges over the course of the series. But according to him, he will still remain a “normal boy” not just in his heart, but in everyone’s hearts.

It is not a surprise to find the Game Director speak so fondly of Sora. This has touched fans, making them even more excited for to learn more of Sora’s adventures to come.

Sora’s Return?

Recently, Sora was spotted as Square Enix celebrated Final Fantasy 7’s 20th anniversary. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter account posted a photo of Sora with his Keyblade facing Yen Sid’s Tower.

If one can remember, Sora left Yen Sid’s tower to start training on his own. Riku and Kairi remained with Yen Sid, prompting the latter’s own training to begin as well.

Though the photo was just probably reminiscent of the same Final Fantasy 7 image of Cloud looking up at Shinra headquarters, many speculated that this was a foreshadowing of the events of KH3.

Rumors have it that Sora might come back and return to Yen Sid’s tower. Either to visit or if the sorcerer needs his help, no one knows. It could probably be just a celebratory photo for FF VII but then again, it’s best to keep all eyes on every tiny detail if you don’t want to miss on any KH 3 news.

Sora’s Popularity

Sora has been greatly missed and Square Enix is making sure to keep fans excited until KH 3 arrives. Square Enix recently announced that an official 6-inch figure of Sora is available for pre-order. The figure’s release is on August 2017.

If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, then this looks like a must-have. The figure is complete with a Keyblade and display stand. It also has interchangeable parts for his hands and face so you can have fun with different poses.

One can pre-order it on Square Enix’s official online store here. Its price is at $69.99 and only two figures are available for purchase as of the moment.

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