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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Sora’s Return To Yen Sid’s Tower

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Sora’s Return To Yen Sid’s Tower

Square Enix celebrated Final Fantasy 7’s 20th anniversary by unveiling a screenshot of the game’s remake on their Twitter account. Fans were excited about this little teaser but were suddenly confused when Kingdom Hearts 3 posted what looked like a teaser photo of its own as well.

The official Twitter account for Kingdom Hearts 3 posted a photo of Sora and his Keyblade facing Yen Sid’s tower. With the photo comes a text celebrating Final Fantasy 7’s 20th Anniversary. This doesn’t reveal much information, but it is reminiscent of a certain Final Fantasy image.

Many speculations fill the Kingdom Hearts 3 fandom. Some think the teaser could be forecasting the KH3 plot. But at the same time, many also think this is only celebrating FF 7’s anniversary since the image is the same as Cloud with his Buster Sword facing Shinra headquarters.

Whatever the explanation is, Square Enix shows they’ll be busy this year with loads of Final Fantasy content and probably even more Kingdom Hearts news.

Who Is Yen Sid?

As shown in the photo, Sora is facing Yen Sid’s tower. Yen Sid is a powerful sorcerer in the Kingdom Hearts universe. He appeared originally in Disney’s Fantasia.

Yen Sid is Mickey’s master. He was previously a Keyblade master himself and has since retired to train Sora and his friends. Yen Sid is a wise master and helps the young ones in their missions. He also watches over the balance between Light and Darkness and resides at the Mysterious Tower where Sora is seen facing in the photo.

The Mysterious Tower

The Mysterious Tower is home to Yen Sid and Mickey before the latter embarked on his own adventure with Aqua. This is also where Sora’s adventure started.

To recap, the end of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance has Sora leaving Yen Sid’s tower to start a journey on his own to train. Riku and Kairi, however, remain with Yen Sid in order for Kairi to receive her own training.

What happens next is something we have to anticipate in the next Kingdom Hearts series. But if the photo released is indeed showing us a glimpse of KH 3’s plot, then something must have happened for Sora to return to The Mysterious Tower.

Are you excited for KH 3? What do you think of all these speculations? Let us know below.

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