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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Meet The Seven Guardians Of Light

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date & News: Meet The Seven Guardians Of Light

The Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date might be possibly delayed, as Square Enix is becoming more and more scarce in releasing information related to the game.

The Original Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

The initial estimated date for the latest Kingdom Hearts was first estimated to be around 2017, according to news from Square Enix. But right now there are still no new updates regarding the third Kingdom Hearts. The company could also be busy working on the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 right now, which is confirmed to be released this 12th of January.

The 3rd Kingdom Hearts would most likely undergo full-time development this 2017. That makes the estimated Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date to be early 2018, or even late 2017 if things get lucky.

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The story so far

The plot for the game has been summarized so far as Sora, accompanied by Riku, King Mickey, Donald Duck, and Goofy tries to put a stop in Master Xehanort’s evil plan of starting a second Keyblade War. Their only hope lies in finding the “Seven Guardians Of Light” and the “Key to Return Hearts”.

The “Seven Guardians Of Light” are a group of Keyblade wielders destined to oppose the 13 Vessels of Darkness. During Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, the guardians were revealed to be Sora, Riku, Mickey, Ventus, Aqua, and Terra. Additionally, Kairi was being speculated as the 7th guardian. There are still no hints on what changes would take place in the sequel.

Star Wars and Marvel Characters in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Another speculation for the slowdown in the development is in the inclusion of Star Wars and Marvel characters, two big time franchises that are more recent acquisitions of Disney. Game co-director Tai Yasue had heavily implied such, according to the Yibada website.

The estimated release date has also been posted in Game N Guide.

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