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Kingdom Hearts 3 New Characters Confirmed: Darth Vader, Gaston, Doctor Strange & More

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Characters


Kingdom Hearts 3 New Characters Confirmed: Darth Vader, Gaston, Doctor Strange & More

As fans continue to wait on the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, more news and updates have been revealed regarding the upcoming Square Enix title. This time, a roster of Kingdom Hearts 3 new characters has been revealed. Included in the list is a plethora of familiar faces from several Disney franchises as well as from the Final Fantasy series.

For the uninitiated, the Kingdom Hearts series is essentially what appears to be a mash-up of Disney worlds and Final Fantasy franchises. Established in 2002 with its first game, Kingdom Hearts has grown to become a franchise with a cult following, having released several sequels and spinoff games. Although little information has been revealed regarding its latest anticipated entry, Kingdom Hearts 3, we’ve got the scoop on the latest additions to the video game’s cast.

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Characters

First of the confirmed characters would be none other than Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. This does not come as much of a surprise as it had already been speculated that the franchise would be making its appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3. How Darth Vader will be implemented in the Kingdom Hearts universe will be interesting to see, considering the nature of Star Wars and its themes with the galaxies.

In a similar vein, another character to appear in the upcoming game is Jim Hawkins, the protagonist of Disney’s 2002 animated film, Treasure Planet. Seeing as the Disney film involved traversing the outerspace and visiting other planets, such a notion can be further explored and developed in the same way Sora–the beloved hero in Kingdom Hearts–travels to other worlds in the game.

Another addition is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. This is an interesting inclusion as the aforementioned film’s world has already been featured in several Kingdom Hearts games. Despite this, Gaston–who is considered to be the antagonist in Belle and Beast’s love story–was never included in Kingdom Hearts. To have him in the forthcoming sequel could be throwing yet another wrench in their time together.

A surprise inclusion is Marvel’s Doctor Strange. While there had been rumors and talks of Marvel heroes being included in Kingdom Hearts, no confirmation came through until today. Interestingly, it is Doctor Strange who is added to the character roster. Upon further analysis, however, his inclusion makes a lot of sense, especially after taking into consideration his abilities to jump through time and space.

Adding a facet to King Simba’s character is Kiara, his daughter. Fans might remember the young cub in the sequel to The Lion King. How Sora, Donald, and Goofy might encounter Kiara could prove to be only amusing, especially when one stops to consider Kiara’s sass bumping heads with Donald’s temper.

An iconic duo joining Kingdom Hearts 3 is Yzma and Kronk from 2000’s The Emperor’s New Groove. To have these two join forces with the villains of Kingdom Hearts will add another dimension to the antagonist side of the story, especially with Kronk acting as comic relief from time to time.

More Final Fantasy In Store For Fans

The final confirmed additions (so far, at least) are Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII and Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Seeing as these two are some of the more recently released Final Fantasy characters, it comes as no surprise that fans will be seeing them in Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay. How they will be weaved into the story is yet to be revealed, but any Final Fantasy addition is always going to be a welcome one.

A teaser trailer has been released for some of the Kingdom Hearts 3 new characters. See them in action here.

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